How can your webhosting company offer your website security validation?

Why get a SSL certificate?

SSL certificates provide security for your private data and that of your customers and are offered by reputable web hosting companies that understand how important it is for website owners to be able to reassure users that their walls are strong enough and high enough to deter thieves.

Having a SSL certificate shows customers to some extent that you run a credible and trustworthy business, as it is not possible to obtain one without verifying your identity at a basic level and passing certain checks. Having this stamp of legitimacy is becoming increasingly important as the internet expands and so do the opportunities for criminals to take advantage of the unprotected information out there.

Customers who may have been wary about doing business with you can see by your SSL certificate that the data they share with you is going to stay private and not end up in the hands of unscrupulous and malicious internet users. These individuals and businesses have no authority on other website but unfortunately can currently choose to come and go as they please on far too many unfortified sites.

It is a false economy to skimp on security measures such as SSL, as it can end up costing you both money and customers, especially when you consider the certificates can cost less than $100 annually.

Why get an extended verification SSL?

For even more thorough reassurance for their customers, many businesses now opt for EV SSL, or extended verification. There are registers of websites which show whether websites are operated by actual entities, and this is checked before issuing the certificate and the domain and the owner should also match. Clearly, having EV SSL is going to make an enormous difference to the validity of your website in the eyes of your customers and your web hosting service will be happy to advise on how to go about getting one via their own routes.

Getting EV SSL can cost more than the standard SL certificate but some are still under $1000 a year, depending on where you operate and what other features you want to add on. You can buy certificates for many domain names at the same time to save on cost. It is possible to shop around and get cheaper prices so don’t feel you need to opt for the first price offered. Ask your web hosting service for their best price and take it from there.

A factor in your decision to buy EV SSL from a particular company should be how long they promise to take with the verification process – it would be a shame to opt for a service which then takes six weeks or more, when it is perfectly possible to complete the checks in a much shorter timeframe. So check out their delivery times as well as their prices. Will they promise to send you status updates, or will you have to keep chasing them for information? Avoid wasting time and money by assessing their ability to deliver on time before you go ahead.


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