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SSL Security Certificate A New Standard?


Make Sure You Have SSL…

Why Do I Need SSL?


Website security in general and security validation is important to site owners. The web host you choose has everything to do with this matter, from various types of SSL certificates to virus and malware protection and more. After all, they are hosting your website. What should you expect from the web hosting company you choose?

It is quite obvious that you certainly want to be educated about the matter so that you are aware of what should be made available to you from your web host. You want your customers and site visitors in general to feel safe and secure, and you can’t do that without the right tools. Perhaps your site has been hacked already. If so, you can take the necessary steps to restore order.

If your site hasn’t been hacked, count your blessings and take the necessary steps to prevent that from happening. Let’s take a look at how those SSL security certificates comes into play, and they are more than just about privatizing and protecting customer data and your data in general. As mentioned, there are different types of these SSL certificates, and it pays to know what they are.

The most basic SSL is in regards to standard domain validation. Have you ever visited a website that you were unfamiliar with and wondered if it was safe? You want new visitors, and you want them to know that your site domain is safe. You want those site visitors to keep coming back. Not only do you want them to feel safe, but you want them to actually be safe. Does your web host provide standard domain validation SSL certificates?

Not only is it important to know the different types of SSL certificates, but it is important to know what sites they are used for. The deluxe organizational validation SSL certificate is another type. To give you an idea about the sites that use this type of SSL certificate, you are talking about information or educational sites. A .info domain would be an example, and a site for a non profit organization would also be an example.

Google said that from November 2017 Chrome Browser will issue a security warning, if user will enter a site with any kind of FORM on it. SSL is a must in upcoming 2018.

If your website is about doing business with customers, then you certainly need the right SSL certificate in place. Customers will be looking for this validation. You better believe it, and you need to make sure your web host makes the right SSL available to you. Security validation puts your customers at ease, and your site visitors then feel comfortable with your brand.

Do you just have one website, or do you own several domains? Even if you just own one, you might decide to own more in the future. If you do, keep in mind that you might need to step it up when it comes to the SSL security certificate that is used for your website. Are you familiar with the one that is currently used, and is it the right one? You certainly want to make sure that you do in fact have the right SSL and security validation in place at all times.

Are you familiar with wildcard SSL certificates? What other options do you have? What does it mean when it comes to having the right security in place? It means everything. It helps establish your brand, and it validates how customers feel about your site. It means they are going to do business with you, if of course you have the other aspects of your business under control as well. One thing for sure, however, is that without the right website security validation in place, customers are going to stay away from your site.

Big Tip:

Well you are thinking to yourself, what if I don’t have the money for that.  I will give you a tip: visit Cloudflare. SSL is Free. Do not pay your hosting provider up to $70 per year for that, it’s insane.

Write in the comments if you would like a setup tutorial for Cloudflare Free SSL.

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