How Direct Response Marketers Can Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic

A lot of us still refer to Pinterest as the “new” social network on the block, but it is time to put that kind of thinking to rest. Pinterest has proven itself. It has risen to be a major player, and its meteoric rise means that online marketing pros cannot afford to ignore or neglect it any longer. Pinterest has a huge, ever-expanding audience, which makes it an invaluable tool for driving traffic.

For the direct response marketer, in particular, Pinterest can be a tremendous way to drive traffic back to a blog. This is all contingent on using Pinterest strategically, though. Read on for some tips on how Pinterest can be used to drive traffic back to direct response blogs.

Pin Your Posts—Selectively

The temptation any direct response blogger will have is to pin each and every blog post, assuming that sheer volume will win the day. This is a rookie mistake. The truth is that Pinterest users are not interested in getting spammed, and if they wanted to see each and every one of your blog posts, they would subscribe to your blog.

Instead, get selective. Pin only your best blog posts—the ones you think will most resonate with Pinterest users. This, of course, requires a little bit of research. Use Pinterest’s search feature to find the keywords and topics that get the most re-pins. Pin your blog posts that most line up with those topics. By focusing on offering quality content, you are ultimately going to draw more Pinterest followers, and cultivate a deeper level of trust—which translates into more traffic for your blog.

Choose Your Image—Carefully

Next, you will need to choose the image that accompanies your post. Pinterest is an image-dominated social network—which makes this the most important decision you will make, when it comes to your Pinterest activity! You can simply choose to re-use the image from your original blog post, but be careful. Make sure that it tells users what the post is about, and that it makes sense even out of context.

You may also wish to pick a new image, or construct a custom image of your own. Do not hesitate to use something plain, simple, and text-oriented—a white backdrop with a few words explaining what the blog post is about. Ultimately, this kind of clarity can be more enticing to users than an image that is vague or misleading.

Make Good Use of Pin-It Buttons

Finally, remember that some folks may end up at your blog through Pinterest, but for others, the route might be reversed. Some users may end up at your blog and then wish to take what they find back to Pinterest with them. Help them out by adding “Pin-It” buttons to all of your blog posts. After all, if a blog reader wants to help you do your social marketing, why wouldn’t you want to make it easy for him?

Pinterest is not just a niche service any longer, but an invaluable platform for drawing and directing traffic—which makes it a great resource for anyone who thrives on getting blog hits.


This guest post was by blogger and direct response marketing expert, Rich Gorman.

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  2. Pinterest seems to be growing quickly in popularity and could certainly be a new channel for direct response marketing, thanks for the informative post.

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