How SEO is Changing How Businesses and Customers Interact

Search Engine Optimisation is gradually changing the ways in which businesses and customers interact. SEO’s use of link building via keywords and the optimisation of websites and social networks to improve search engine rankings has the primary effect of bringing more customers to websites. From this, increased conversions can be made, and awareness of a brand can be increased. The process of getting people to visit sites, and visit them regularly, encourages a level of engagement between a business and a customer that is essential for distinction within a crowded online market.

In terms of establishing and developing brand loyalty, SEO agencies work to find the best keywords for making positive associations between different sites and the overall company. The aim here is to deliver the right content on a consistent basis, with any links between customers and a business being appropriate to maintaining a level of expectation and trust in the quality of that brand. Over time, this interaction can be improved by consistently generating quality content, making an online business a trusted provider of services.

Another area where SEO is encouraging more customer and business interactions involves the optimisation of on page content. This can be achieved through social networks and individual pages, with the aim of creating an experience where a customer can regularly interact with a brand and get feedback. Analysis of the interactive features of a site, whether that includes blog comments or competitions and opportunities to contribute original content, can be monitored and used to build a sense of what content and features are right for that site.

The optimisation of on page content also looks towards monitoring negative links and feedback that might damage the integrity of and associations with a brand. Regular checking of how a brand is being discussed on other networks can help to decide what direction can be taken with an SEO strategy. At the same time, however, being aware of the search terms and the highest volume of traffic reaching a site can mean that a business and an agency can more specifically target customers who are not being served by existing content.

The overall goal for this level of interaction is to make SEO more about personalisation, and finding organic links between high-quality on-site, but also between blog content posted elsewhere that links back to a company in a positive way. It’s becoming more important for SEO to insert keywords and links to a company in places that customers trust, and in spaces where the highest amount of visibility can be created for a brand. Social networks are particularly effective, in this respect, as they provide the potential for one unique piece of content to be forwarded onto a lot of other people. This allows for a cost effective return on investment in SEO, with a business’s reputation being enhanced and spread through interaction with customers who are prepared to share content and build strong social media sites. The challenge, then, becomes to convert these varied interactions into solid conversions and brand loyalty offline.


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  1. So much informative topic presented. SEo alteration clinging more innovative, being updated is not that easy job and sometimes lead into confusion. Surfing and reading is the best way to be not that outdated about the trends for both businesses and clients concern.

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