How to Create a Photo Book for Your New Business Launch in 2013

We are off celebrations and it’s time to embrace the goals we have set for the New Year. Many of us made several resolutions for this year; some are determined to stare clear of their past mistakes and make 2013 a better year while for others, it’s time to take action and launch a business. Whichever group you belong, there is no better time to start pursuing your dreams than the first month of the New Year. Now you are about launching a business, and think you have planned everything. But let me ask this, have you created a photo book for the launch?

Why a photo book, you may ask? It’s simple, if you want to showcase your products in an enticing manner, with such descriptions that can get a potential customer transfixed and want to own the item; a photo book is a must for your launch. Perhaps you haven’t created a photo book before, but if you want to see your business to great heights and make the most of this year, you need to leave no stone unturned. You may have seen a personalized photo book album before, but may never know how much value it can add to your business.

That said, here, I want to show you how you can create a matching photo book for your new business launch this New Year.

Start With a Sketch
Sketch out what you’d like the photos to look like. This should be your starting point because taking shots off your products without a pre-determined style or pattern you’d like to show customers may lead to a wasted labor. Hence it is important that you take the time to sketch out a map to follow for your photo book which will guide you towards getting exactly what you want the photos to look like. You don’t have to be an artist to make a nice sketch. It is a draft you will use, so just make something that suits you best.

Take a Few Practice Shots
Now it’s time for the actual thing. Get your camera, and with the guidance of the sketch you created in step one, take a few practice shots. This will help you understand how to adjust the camera to better capture whatever view of the product you want, how to zoom in and zoom out, etc. The idea of this step is to make sure you don’t waste your time adjusting cameras or trying to find the best settings while taking the actual shots.

Take Many Shots off a View
If you are using a digital camera, which I advice you use for obvious reasons, you understand that with a good memory card, you don’t have to worry about storage space and stuff like that. You can actually take as many shots as you would like off a view of each product. Remember you will be using these pictures to promote your business, so it is necessary you choose the ones to use carefully. Personally, I like taking a minimum of two shots off each view, and as you may never expect, I have come to find that there may still be slight differences between the shots and thus helping me choose the best.

Print Your Photos
Once you are done taking the shots and are satisfied with the views you took, it’s time to print them out. First you will need to:

  • Upload the photos from your digital camera to your computer. Most digital cameras come with a USB cable with which you can easily connect them to a computer for file exchange. So you won’t have a hard time with this.
  • Select the shots to use. Go through the photos and select the ones that will be part of your photo book. The computer should aid you in viewing and comparing these photos.
  • Print your photos. You may have to purchase the right paper and get the right printer for this purpose. There are different paper qualities out there, but since it’s your first time, at least as we are assuming, you may want to make a decision that will both match your budget and the use. On the other hand, you can also send your photos to a printing center with some instructions on the quality you need. From experience, I’ve found that full color shots work best in creating the ‘wow’ factor that will make the product look amazing to potential clients.

Put the Photo Book Together
Again, if you don’t have this skill, or perhaps you are doing it for the first time, I will advice you delegate it to professionals. You can also use one of the best online photo book creation tools that will allow you to choose the best theme for your book, provide you the tools to custom create one, organize your images and descriptions in the way you want and choose the quality of the final product you will get. Whichever option you choose, make sure you are getting something that will help in achieving a successful new business launch.

So, this is pretty much it. Does it sound like something that requires a huge financial and time budget? Not at all; the last photo book I created took just 48 hours without leaving a big hole in my wallet. I am certain you can create a perfect photo book before the day of your new business launch. It’s a new year, and a new business of yours is getting born, think big!


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