How to Get Rid of Spam on Your WordPress Site

Don’t you just hate it when your website is filled with spam? A spam-filled website can really drive me crazy. We all want to create a website that is free from spam so that more people will be able to find it user-friendly, thus, pave the way for better, if not higher ranking on Google.

I use WordPress and I’m sure a lot of you also do. Well, if you’re a WordPress user too, I’m sharing with you some secrets on how to get rid of spam in your website. If you’re interested, try to read this article:

1. First, look out for unknown comments. First things first. You have to keep a close watch on unknown comments popping up on your website. Examples of this are comments from names that look like keywords. As soon as you spot one immediately mark them as spam. Another thing you have to watch out for is comments accompanied by links. Usually, these are spam. The problem is that if your website has a lot of spam in it, you might get lower ratings on Google. This is a problem which we can immediately address.

2. Close comments to get rid of spam. It’s okay to leave comments open when you’re working on your article on WordPress. But NEVER FORGET to CLOSE them afterwards. Remember, websites which leave their comments open for a long time are easy prey for spammers. Closing comments is in fact one of the surest ways to avoid spam.

3. Auto-publish your comments. Another effective way of treating spam on WordPress is to auto-publish comments. This way, you have the chance to approve comments. Comments which you think are useless can be easily erased, including spam. Or you can also opt to have them right into the spam folder. This way, it is only you who can view the spam. People surfing your website won’t know about that.

4. Fight spam with plug-ins. There are several plug-ins you can install to catch spam on WordPress. One example is Akismet which is a fairly simple and easy to install plug-in. It can keep your website 99.9% spam-free. Another plug-in which is effective in removing spam on WordPress is Spam Karma 2. It includes a software which is highly recommended to catch spam so that in won’t easily get into your website. Another special feature of this software is that it can also grade comments. It is effective in detecting which comments are genuine and which ones are merely spam.

As you can see, there are a few things you can do to help reduce the spam in your WordPress blog. Consider a few of these ideas, and you can get rid of spam almost 100%.

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2 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Spam on Your WordPress Site”

  1. Well i think the biggest problems with automatic spam etc. is easy solved with a normal plugin. Bigger are the problems with manual spam, wich is often hard to decide is it spam or a real comment. There is a human view needed.

  2. Allowing comments without verification can lead to your site into Google’s blacklist very, very, quickly!

    All it takes is one person to figure it our and you will end up with all kinds of undesirable links from your website which can be hard to recover from :(

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