How to Make a Buzz: Tips to Get More Social Media Attention

Social media has turned out to be the life blood of any business. Gone were the days when print and broadcast media could command popular attention. Everything has gradually shifted now to the internet. This makes it possible for any business to survive and go global. What’s nice is the playing field has actually been leveled off so that no matter how small or big your business is, whether it’s a multinational firm or a simple home-based business, as long as you employ the right online marketing strategy, you will never go wrong; success will easily come your way. And since more and more online marketing campaign are turning towards building better and stronger social media following, you shouldn’t let your business be left behind! Read on and learn some of the hottest yet most practical strategies that you can employ to boost your business’ social media presence.

1. Give Your Brand a Touch of Personality

Amy Jo Martin, founder and chief executive officer of Digital Royalty, a consultancy firm that specializes in social media management, would always tell her clients that it’s not enough to “purely” advertise their products or services. Indeed, business owners who wish to experience a surge in their social media presence should take the time to share interesting and high informative contents. Contents shouldn’t be too commercial to the point of boring prospective clients, rather, they should be educational, inspiring, and interesting enough to make a buzz. Go interactive! Instead of posting photos or ads, why don’t you make an informative video showcasing how a customer benefits from using your products works.

2. Target the influencers

John Brandon, who writes for, would always tell entrepreneurs to quit beating around the bush when it comes to following. Instead of targeting 5, 10, or 20,000 followers, who don’t hold any influence in the market, why not focus your effort on establishing a strong relationship—and building up your connection—with only 100 but very influential people in the industry? Even if only one of those trendsetters retweets or shares your post, this will have a substantial ripple effect on your business because your content won’t have a hard time reaching thousands of people on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

3. Choose the right network

It also helps to identify on which social media network should you focus your efforts on. Is it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn? Or, should you build your presence on all channels? According to Carrie Hill, who works as the director of online marketing for KeyRelevance, if you want to see best results, target the Big 5: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. Facebook and Twitter are perennial favorites and any business will find it beneficial to maintain these two networks. B2B and technical-related firms will do well in Google+ and LinkedIn, while Pinterest is ideal for food, fashion, home improvement, and crafts-related businesses. But don’t just lay your eggs in one basket. Diversify and check the potentials of all “big five” and you won’t have any trouble earning a huge following.

Also, don’t discredit the power of niche-specific networks. The likes of Trip Advisor, if you are in the field of travel and tourism, will do so much to helping you build up your presence and give you edge against your competitors.


About the guest author: Manilyn Moreno is the Online Marketing and Content Manager for Better Cater. She writes informative articles on various niches such as SEO, entrepreneurship, finance, healthy lifestyle, traveling, and culinary. She also writes catering tips at

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