How To Make Money With Twitter

Twitter has turned out to be a major social networking site in only a few years and is still growing. Originally it was started with the idea of micro – blogging and posting updates of what a person was currently doing. This idea caught on and was soon a medium for every celebrity to publicize themselves in their posts. The common people caught on to this idea too: you could find housewives posting updates about their day or their children, kids of all ages giving their perspective on something without the hassles of creating their own blog.

Soon websites, companies and businesses broke into the social realm of twitter. You could find companies posting updates about their new products and schemes, websites posting comments and reviews about their services and their competitors.

In this chaos a common guy came up with the idea to capitalize on the feeding frenzy of “social”. For you to do this, the first thing that you have to insure is having dependable followers. Make sure that those followers have similar interests and that they are all interested in the niche which you have chosen to be the primary topic on your twitter account. (If you and your followers are into the automotive niche then it would be pointless if you post updates about Barbie dolls.)

Note: It is better to have 500 followers who have similar tastes than to have 5000 who are randomly selected.

There are many ways you can capitalize off twitter and make micro blogging a major source of income for you:


advertising on TwitterIf you have a large number of people following you on twitter you can advertise certain products for a price. Get started by contacting local dealers and new websites online who want to get into the lime light. You can advertise by promoting and recommending a certain good or service. Before you recommend anything make sure you have used it yourself. (Promote your own product if you have one.)

Tip: If you are a college or a school student and want to advertise through twitter, it will be best if you start with advertising sites and products which can help other students. (Deal sites, places having sales, etc)

Affiliate marketing

If you recommend a product or a site for a follower, you can always post your affiliate link with the information in you tweet so that you can have the chance to make a little money.


Once you have a large base of followers you can find many online jobs where you are paid to do a review and post it in your tweets. You can do reviews on many topics like software, beauty products, food, hotels, celebrities, etc.

Sponsored advertisements

There are services online whereby you are paid to post an advertisement after every 5 (the number can be changed) tweets you make. Pick a number which will not irritate your followers and also make sure the advertisement is of relevance to your chosen niche.

Twitter meets Magpie

MagpieMagpie is the first sponsored advertising program for twitter. It is a straight forward program with a good amount of positive feedback. You are given complete control on whom and what has been tweeted. You can choose the number of times you tweet an advertisement: this ranges from one time only to twice a day.

Quality matters as any disruptive tweet will be ignored in the magpie network. If you are extremely serious about earning through twitter and the tweets you post are of helpful and quality standards, Magpie is your answer.
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Money making using Twittad

TwittadTwittad is a safe and secure way you can capitalize on your twitter profile using sponsored advertisements. Registration with them is free and since this is one of the first advertisers on twitter, it won’t have many issues in the future. After you reach a balance of $30 you will be allowed to redeem that amount to a PayPal account within 7 to 10 days after requesting the payout.

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Make money using Bukisa is a trustworthy online publisher which also has a three tier referral program. You earn money when viewers see the media you have posted and click on advertisements. It is perfect for anyone who wants to earn a little extra cash at home. Earnings from Bukisa along with twitter and other sites will give you a pretty decent income over time for work that is fun and takes little time. Signing up to is free and accessible to many countries around the globe. They make their profits by taking a part of the advertisement revenue.

Content like helpful articles and recipes, video tutorials, funny pictures, etc are the hottest topics on Bukisa. You can publish these articles at several other places; just make sure that you alter them so that you won’t have problems with the search engines.

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Dos and don’ts

dos and do nots of making money with Twitter

  1. Chose those who you want to follow carefully.
    If a person has mentioned their website on their twitter page and have quality content take a peek at it; at the same time look at the ratio of “followers” to the “following” the person has. If the person has too many “following” compared to the number of “followers” or vice versa then there is a high probability that you will be entertaining a spammer or a bot.
  2. Keep it interesting
    Don’t constantly keep your tweets business and money oriented; make it fun for your followers. Post helpful and fun articles links from time to time. At the same time remember to stay within your chosen niche. If they ever need help with online earning, never hesitate. You might get the favor paid back a hundred fold.
  3. RE – TWEET
    If your followers have posted something which is fun and interesting in your niche don’t hesitate in re- tweeting the content. You can use twitter apps like tweetdeck, twhirl, Twitterbox, Digsby, Twitteriffic, Blogo, Spaz, Widgets, and PocketTweets and many others out there to do this. Doing this will increase the chances your tweets are going to be re – tweeted.
  4. Follow your followers
    When people follow you don’t hesitate in following them as well. Send them a direct message to thank them. Also look at their latest tweets and search for a few which are worth re-tweeting. Doing this right off the bat is a great way to gain their appreciation and friendship.
  5. making friends

  6. Make and maintain friends
    Try your best in making your “followers” and “followings” your friends as you never know when any of them may have a great idea and plan to implement, they can even help publicize your site or blog. A good friendship can soon turn into a great business in the virtual world.

You can make twitter a truly lucrative practice for you if you plan to follow all the rules. You will not be guaranteed fast money, but income for having a little fun isn’t a bad deal.

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  2. Interesting and very helpful tips! thanks for sharing. I personally do best with affiliate marketing on twitter and, they’re my biggest earners. It’s all about having a huge network of targeted followers and promoting the right products :)

  3. is compulsive platform bringing home long lists of targeted customers in a short period. At times, it is arguably even better than ezines or other similar websites as the visibility while participating in Twitter is quite noteworthy. The best part is that you can continue to stay connected even if you are not around in your office as some of the latest Twitter can be used even from the cell phones. There are innumerable features in Twitter for you to ease your work, for instance, the services which the options for you to set up the daily “tweets” while you can arrange for automatically sending them out too.

  4. Tweeters must be careful too. Stuffing your Twitter feed with advertisements is a good way to lose followers — and even real friends. “I do understand the arguments against Sponsored Tweets,” says Dance, the Tennessee blogger who plans to use the service (she won’t disclose her price). “But I’m not going to be flooding someone’s Twitter stream. There’s nothing subversive about it. It’s just a little payback for the four years of my life I’ve invested in my blog.”

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