How to Market your Business with Pinterest

Launched in 2010, Pinterest became the fastest-growing site ever, passing the 10 million users mark in just nine months. It may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter yet, but it has captured the attention of the masses already.

Allowing people to share their pictures in glorious colour, creativity and ease just by pinning images from the screen with a couple of clicks – This is Pinterest for you! Moreover, you can have a look through so many Pinterest boards of other members, showing you many great ideas, recipes and fashion styles on the computer. No need to buy a magazine anymore.

So how can Pinterest help market your business? It is not possible to buy a product directly from a Pinterest board, but looking at the marketing point of view – Popular images get repinned by hundreds of other users, which raises instant awareness and there is a direct link back to the original source.


It will take some time, but you will need to follow influential people, who have a huge fellowship. Once they get to know you and your business, they’ll tend to post about your product. This again results in more repins and likes, making it easier to take the conversation to Twitter or Facebook to nurture the relationship.

Keep it simple

One of the huge advantages of Pinterest is the user friendly interface. Basically explained, everybody has a ‘board’, where they pin images that are all the same size. Creating clean and elegant looking boards will help users navigate much easier on your board.

Additionally, never ever forget to comment, like other pins and @tag other users by name. Say thanks, when you got repinned. These are just general manners you learn as a small kid.

Use other social platforms

Don’t forget to integrate you Pinterest platform with your other social media networks, in order to create even more awareness on your products. Adding Tumblr and Facebook into the equation will definitely get you the right viewership and a huge amount of new users.

Daily Pinning

The rise of a much more visual web these days requires you to create and share high quality images. However, don’t just start posting your products, which could have a spammy message behind them. Post your images, and share other content from other users. This will keep your board fresh and socially updated.

Moreover, daily themed pins can usually lead to repeat visitors, because they often come back to check for the new pinned image.

Promote the right way

Obviously you just want to pin your own products as much as possible. However, the key is to keep your followers interested with stories, tips or products from other companies as well. Beware; Pinterest users are quite savvy in spotting boards with too many self-serving product pictures.

Search Engines

Google automatically notices fresh content and social signals. In order to optimize your social campaign, try to add hashtags, links and keywords to your pins. After submitting images and content from your website, you will see an increase in traffic and page visits.

All in all, the most important tip is to start off your Pinterest campaign: Start following the big names and focus on the users with the most likes and repins, in order to raise awareness about your company. Twitter has proven this method as well. Once you follow a popular user and then they follow you back, other Twitter users will get the message and follow the leader as well.
And remember this: The mantra is Pin, Repin and follow. Building a fellowship will result in sharing and all those repins will point back to your site. That’s all you need to increase your click-through rate and kick off your Pinterest experience!


About the guest author: Sachinda Jayatilleke is an online marketer with a passion for social media. He now helps entrepreneurs find the best internet franchise for their needs at Franchise Sales.

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