How to Monetize a Soccer Themed Blog?

Well, internet marketing gurus are present all over the web world and they pretend to tell you secrets all the time. Obviously, this “amazing” advice does not come for free and more importantly, these are often pretty well known crap and hardly a well-kept secret to internet marketing success. Well, all the gurus are not same and some of them are pretty helpful, so there is no attempt to generalize things here. However, we will start with one of the most popular comments that are often made by those self-proclaimed gurus and try to prove that how big the misconception is.

It is often said that a sports blog cannot make money. Sports niche has very little CPC (The Adwords term Cost per Click if you are not aware) & hence such a niche should be avoided. Now, I will narrow the niche down to soccer as undoubtedly, this is the most popular sports in the entire world and certainly it’s profitable.

Before getting into details, I must say that look beyond Google Adsense. Well, undoubtedly, Adsense is a wonderful company to start off making money, but, as you grow with your blog, it’s important to try out other revenue channels. As it is said, “Never put all your eggs in the same basket.”

Start with Adsense

Though it may sound a bit contradictory, but when your soccer blog is in its starting days, Google Adsense undoubtedly is the best revenue earner. Just good content, added with proper color blending and advertisement placement, you will be earning good amount right from Adsense, does not matter how small the CPC may be.

Create a Product & Sell it

Well, who says you can only create products when you are into Internet Marketing niche! Soccer niche also has numerous potential products that can be sold and made money of. Well, now you need some product ideas right? All right, I am ready to help.

Think what product will create interest among the visitors of your blog? If most of the visitors of your blog are from 14-18 years age group, then they might not only be interested in soccer news but they might like to learn soccer as well. What about creating a video course teaching them to play soccer and sell it to them?

Again, if the general age group is a bit older (24-35 age group), they might be more interested in videos detailing the history of the game or best 100 goals, videography of some famous footballers etc. You see, the ideas are really unlimited. Just think and you’ll probably come up with far better ideas than these. Keep one thing in mind, for soccer enthusiasts, videos sell way better than plain eBooks. So, if you are not that good in creating videos, hire a professional. Good videos will sell well and for a nice price, thus earning you a fat paycheck.

Affiliate Programs

Endless are opportunities when you have a soccer blog! You can possibly promote anything via a soccer blog. For example, along with all the English Premier League news and updates in your blog, you can pass on some london pass coupon code as well. People often travel to watch soccer matches and thus, if they order something from the link of London Pass in your blog, you are ought to earn.

Similarly, you can sell merchandize of the specific clubs in your blog if those have some sort of affiliate programs. You can even join companies such as world soccer shop and sell their items as an affiliate.

Soccer lovers are not bound to be fitness freaks but health & fitness still is a niche that’s distantly related to soccer. Should I say more what kind of products can you sell?

Paid posts are awesome

This is possible only when your blog enjoys high visitors each and every day. There are numerous upcoming players who would love to get a paid interview published in your blog in that case and you can charge them as much as $500 for each publication advertising the player (It’s not exploitation, it’s plain business, many famous soccer blogs do the same).

Another good idea will be to contact lesser known clubs and offer them a paid post spot in your blog. Many will jump in looking at the high traffic of your blog if you charge a reasonable amount. Who doesn’t want extra visibility for a decent price!

Most of the money making methods are pretty common; however in this post, they come up with a soccer twist. So, be it london pass coupon code, world soccer shop promo codes or some amazing video product created by yourself, options are plenty when you try to earn via a soccer blog. Just get started, put your passion for soccer in the right direction and you are bound to taste success out of the blog.


About the guest author: Christofer loves to write about latest internet marketing tips & tricks. He loves to share his thoughts with his viewers and he will love it when visitors do the same. So, what are you waiting for? Use the comment feature and air your thoughts. It’s great when we exchange our views and learn new things.

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