How to Promote your SEO Services on Craigslist and Stand Out

Search engine optimization companies are constantly looking for new ways to promote their services. As an online company, it can be very difficult to locate new clients and attract business without offering something substantially different from your competitors. The truth is, businesses are contacted by SEO company’s day in and day out and they have to listen to constant sales pitches. In order to stand out on craigslist and other advertising websites, you have to present something unique and credible to the businesses that are searching for SEO services.

If you were to do a basic search for a search engine optimization company right now on Craigslist, you would probably find an endless amount of ads that are all promising the same thing. However, if you spend a little bit longer to analyze each ad you might find one or two that particularly stand out to you. This is exactly what your customers are going to do, they are not going to just fall for the first SEO ad that they come upon on craigslist. More than likely, they’re going to spend some time to compare ads to one another and decide to contact a few that are of interest. By spending some time perfecting your ad copy and making it perfect for Craigslist, you can improve the amount of contact requests you receive on a daily basis significantly.

Pay for Quality Ad Copy

The quality of your ad copy says a lot about your services and it speaks to the professionalism of your business. Paying for a high quality copywriter is very important when you’re developing ad copy for Craigslist. These types of websites are where your ad copy matters most because it is what the businesses depend on to judge your services. Your ad copy can make the difference between being contacted by a business that is interested in your SEO services or them moving on to the next ad that actually caught their attention. Ad copy on Craigslist is usually a decent sales pitch that is compelling and engaging to the user. Remember, businesses are constantly contacted by SEO companies so you have to give them something that others are not.

Use Simple Everyday Language That Businesses Can Relate To

Using simple everyday language that the average person can understand is very important to selling your products or services. Nobody wants to read a sales pitch about things that they don’t even understand. As an SEO company, you need to advertise your search engine optimization services in a way that businesses can relate to. Keep in mind, every business is just looking for a return on investment and your services are only valuable if they can produce a profit. Start by supplying them with numbers and evaluating their website correctly and showing them what they are currently doing right and wrong and how you’re going to change things. Businesses want to deal with an SEO company that is relatable and honest.


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