How to Recover The Great Panda Update, A Refresher

Denial is not an option if your website has been affected by Panda Update. The message is loud and clear that your website got affected only because it contains shallow or thin content, if not copied content. Discontent is brewing and some people even express their disgust that Panda has treated them wrongly. Now, the million dollar question is that if you website has got affected by Panda what you are supposed to do to regain its positions and win the love of almighty Google. Here in this article, we are going to share some tips that might help you overcome this crisis period.

How do you Know that Your Website Got Affected: This is pretty simple. If you saw a steady decline in the number of visitors from Google Organic search result in your Google Analytics account, this is a clear sign that your website has been hit. Another way is checking out the position of your keywords. Do you see a significant decline in their positions? If yes, there is high probability that it has hit your website.

Here is how you can bring it round:

Delete All: Obviously we are not suggesting you delete all the content of your website. Instead what we are saying is pinpointing the pages that are mostly affected by panda. Find them out and delete them. However, there is another option too. You can add fresh content that should be original, unique and that should add value to user experience. Think about the users and not about the search engines. Forget about $2 content. This is what has sucked your website. Take you time and write something that people would love to share willingly. However, if you do not have any such talent, you can of course hire someone but make sure the person is highly knowledgeable about the topic he is writing. Otherwise you will get crashed under the mighty wheels of Panda.

Article Submission, Forget It: Yah, this is true. You cannot hope of getting your ranking back in some competitive keywords by submitting a worthless piece of content and submitting the same article in hundreds of article directories. Do not forget the fact that article directories are heavily affected by Panda and that means if you are getting links from them, you are just spoiling all your chances of getting your website back on Google’s good eyes.

Link Exchange with Care: It is open secret that we do link exchange to get our site on the top. Now after the panda update SEO topography has changed dramatically. Getting links from link pages are no longer that much helpful. If you only rely on these types of links, it will take years to get your website top in Google’s SERP. So, what you are supposed to do? Simple, present something truly interesting and engaging. It can be a great blog, a great software application or anything that can make people say wow. Yes, WOW effect is the need of the day and this is what Google is looking for.

Use Ads With Care: Now, if your blog lives on AdSense, time has come to rethink your strategy. Google Adsense guide suggest you post ads everywhere to get more clicks but Panda is very much against it. Now, how on earth you are supposed to make reconciliation between these two seemingly different concepts. We suggest, follow your heart. Put on the shoes of a general user and check your website thoroughly. Does it look spammy? Do ads have detrimental impacts on users’ experience? If the answer is yes, well you will have to reduce the amount of ads. You may earn less but this is far better than earning nothing.

Make Google believe that your website deserves to be at the top and do justice to users experience. This is the bottom line. And good luck.


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4 thoughts on “How to Recover The Great Panda Update, A Refresher”

  1. No trackback is not going to help you anymore. They generate irrelevant links, if not bad neighborhood links. Best thing that you could do is to get some really good quality links, other simple SEO techniques will simply not work.

  2. The point on article directories is a bit of a generality – some of them are still good. The trick is not to succumb to these marketer gimmicks of posting to “thousands”, when the top 10 or 20 are still in good shape after Panda and are not going to drag you down with links from a “bad neighborhood”.

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