How to Schedule Guest Posts and Improve Your SEO

Every blogger and business owner needs to increase search engine visibility and attract new readers online. With limited time and resources, how can a blogger or marketing manager accomplish this in a reasonable time frame?

One of the time-tested tools of increasing visibility for a blog is scheduling guest posts. Whether writing for a blog with more traffic or hosting a talented writer on your own site, scheduling guest posts are simple and effective ways to increase your reach.

Why Use Guest Posts?

Nick Stamoulis, the President and Founder of Brick Marketing, suggests that there are six key benefits for SEO that come directly from organizing guest posts:

  • More content for the search spiders
  • More content for your readers
  • More content for your social media marketing campaign
  • Target different keywords
  • Attract new visitors
  • Generate more inbound links.

When you write guest posts at popular blogs, they will drive more traffic your way and increase your SEO. If you host guest posts, you’ll gain fresh, excellent content and bring new readers to your site. In fact, there are other benefits according to Daily SEO Tips: “Not only will this encourage people to write great content for the site but they will let all of their friends know once their finished article has been published.”

Either way you go, guest posts are an excellent way to grow your audience and influence. And if all of that wasn’t enough, a guest post on a popular blog will also add to your credibility in your field.

Get Credit for Your Guest Posts

Guest posting is all about introducing yourself and your work to a new audience of readers. However, just listing your name isn’t enough for a guest post on someone else’s site.

Brian Clark at Copy blogger writes, “Just make it very clear to the blog owner that you require a very brief byline at the end of the post, with a link back to your site.” A solid biography with a link will add to your credibility and provide a way for readers to keep in touch at your blog or through social media.

Reap the SEO Benefits of Guest Posts

When you’re writing a guest post for someone else’s blog, it is critically important that you ensure you get backlinks to your site. While a general link to your site is good, why not include some backlinks to related posts you’ve written? In addition, make sure readers know where to find you on Twitter so you can get involved in the conversation about your guest post.

Jonathan Morrow of shares, “To make SEO work, you need links from trusted sites. To make twitter work, you need to get retweets from people who have a lot of followers. To make social bookmarking work, you need connections with social media power users who can bring you dozens or even hundreds of votes.”

Don’t forget to target specific keywords for your site as well in order to maximize the SEO impact. Marketing firm Grow Map suggests the following: “Writing a guest post targeting a specific keyword phrase in the anchor text that links to a post or page targeting the same phrase on your own blog can get you to page one in the search engines.”

Set Up Guidelines When Hosting Guest Posts

Some link-hunters will offer to write a guest post for your site, but it’s up to you to make sure that every guest post you include on your site fits your niche and meets the expectations of your readers. Create a guest post page that explains the focus on your site and the ideal word count for a guest post.

Consider adding guidelines to your guest post page like those found at the Big Red Tomato Company’s page:

  • Add an image illustrating the post at the top and centralise it (no offensive images please!)
  • Add any hyperlinks to other sites to open in a new page (please no affiliate links)
  • Add your bio details to the bottom of the post (including a link to your website / about / services page)
  • Read it through and spellcheck it!

These guidelines provide a good bare minimum for bloggers, though you’ll also need to carefully read guest posts in order to ensure they’re appropriate for your site.

As you write more guest posts and accept them from your readers, you’ll expand your network of contacts and influencers, gaining more credibility and connections. With guest posts you’ll be positioned for growth by regularly drawing in new readers and potential customers to your website.


This guest post is written by Lior Levin, a marketing consultant for the ma in security program at the Tel Aviv University and, who also consults for a css company.

This is an original article published on SEO Desk with exclusivity.

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  1. Hey Lior, nice article and very interesting tips, especially for the beginners. I agree with Nick Stamoulis, the President and Founder of Brick Marketing. If followed his tips then there are more chances of generating high quality traffic in large numbers.

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