How to Select the Right Social Media Monitoring Tool

You have made all the efforts to reach out to potential customers through social media and now you’re waiting for them to show up personally or virtually buy your products. Well, you’ve thrown in the line and you’re waiting for the fish. During the wait, you need to learn if your bait is luring the fish or scaring them away. How’d you know unless you look at what is happening under the surface? I mean to say that you need a social media monitoring tool to find out the effectiveness of the strategies you’re following. There are hundreds of tools you can find online. Can you just select something which you think will be effective? Definitely no. There are some factors and features you need to look at before engaging a tool to monitor the effectiveness your social media activities.

List Objectives:
The first step is to list your objectives. Ask yourself why you need a monitoring tool. Sounds weird? The other way of asking this question is ‘what do you want to monitor?’ The objectives differ from business to business. Your list could contain as many as ten objectives if you’re operating on a large scale or just include two or three if you’re running a small to medium scale business. Check if the tool of your choice will help you with your objectives in order to find its effectiveness.

Determine an Implementation Plan:
The next step is to decide on an implementation plan. You need to decide if there will be a team dedicated to use the tool to generate leads or if you will need a vendor who can do it for you. Most companies employ a tool and don’t ever turn to it. This could be because they don’t know how to utilize the tool or they may not have enough resources to use the tool. Plan this out as the next step in finding the right monitoring tool.

Find out the Features:
Each tool has different features. Some may be useful and some may not be. Some tools are loaded with several unwanted features and generate all sorts of information you need not know. Therefore, try to know about all the features of the tools on your list and choose the one which has only the features you will need.

Geographical Tracking:
It is also important to find out which areas the tool focuses on. For instance, if you’re operating only within your country, there is no point in using a tool which tracks international traffic and responses. However, if you have operations in other countries too, you will want to consider a tool which can help you track down international traffic.

Report Type:
You may need ready-made reports that you can use right away without further processing of information. Or your team may need the conversations for manual analysis. Find out the type of reports you can generate using the tool. Choose the tool which can give you the report just as you need it.

Almost all tools have a free plan, but they should be the last option. If you want to access some helpful features and get information that makes sense, you will have to choose a paid plan.


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