How to Write Several Blog Posts on Daily Basis


Blogging can be a great way to make money in very little time, simultaneously achieving a stable and secured career.  This may sound fantastic however in reality blogging requires a lot of effort and patience.

When you are new and have just started your career as a blogger, you will face great challenge for coming up with new ideas for your daily blog posts. To be a successful blogger you have to write at least 2 to 3 blog posts on daily basis.

So how are you going to create unique blogs each and every time? Yes! Each blog has to be original and unique. I am pretty much sure that you will run out of ideas in just 10 days. Hence how would continue blogging?

I have a solution that can help you in creating daily blog posts which are original and fresh.

Maximum Blog Subscription in Your Niche 

The most common problem that any novice blogger will face is getting inspiration for writing unique blog posts. Normally this problem is faced by a blogger when he is still in initial stages. Later on he matures with experience.

If you want to copy or plagiarize content from others then it would not be a problem. However you cannot be successful and ultimately you will loose your authority. Hence what to do if you want to write original blog posts.

Well! First of all I will recommend you to subscribe every possible blogs that are related to your blog’s topic. You can subscribe to blogs written by famous bloggers or even blogs that are run by top companies.

Through subscribing them you will always have an idea what is currently going on in your niche.

Read Blogs & Watch Videos in Your Niche

Read every single blog in your niche which is written by market experts or by bloggers who are just like you. I recommend you to watch videos online which are uploaded on YouTube by many amateurs.

By reading blogs and watching videos you will get an idea what other bloggers are doing and how they create their blog posts. YouTube videos can be a great inspiration for writing original blogs.

To make it easy you can subscribe blogs or YouTube videos using Google Reader or Feed Demon. In order to get up to date information you can create alerts in Google Alerts. Stay connected with blogs, discussion and videos that are happening around the world.

Jot Down Things That Are Common & Missing

Now the real thing starts!

After subscribing to all the blogs and having read them you have to create your own original blog posts. After you have read 8 to 10 blogs on a particular topic, now you have to analyze them.

Jot down points or facts which are common in all the blogs you just read. Similarly try to find out if something is seriously missing in one or two blogs but present in other blog posts.

Make a note of all points which are common and missing after reading substantial number of blogs.

Combine Things Which Are Missing & Common

Now you are almost done. You have read blogs and watched videos. You are also able to find out things which are common in all the blogs and things which are missing in one or two but present in others.

Now create a title for a blog post. Your title should be inspired from things that you have just read. After creating the title you have to fill the body with some content.

Your content must be what you jotted down. Things that is common and missing. Build the content around this, you can twist it or rewrite and present in different forms.

By doing this you can write one blog posts. However to write 2 to 3 blog posts daily just repeat the procedure every time you write a new post.


Finally in conclusion I would only say you can write 2 to 3 blog posts on daily basis which are original and interesting. Firstly to remain informed subscribe to all the blogs which are related to topic of your blog. Then read every blog and watch videos on YouTube.

After reading few blogs on a particular topic try to figure out points which are common in all blogs and missing in some blogs.

Now create a blog title and fill it with the content with points that are missing or common.

Thus you can get ideas daily for your blog posts which are original and latest.


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