Importance of Aligning Social Media & SEO Strategies

If you think SEO and social media are completely different from each other, then it’s time to rethink your strategy. With Google+ and Facebook data being incorporated into Google search results and Bing respectively, you need to ensure that SEO and social media tactics go hand in hand.

A brand’s marketing plan depends on how well you can incorporate SEO ideas while using your social media pages. Many companies struggle with this aspect while others ignore it completely. If you’re looking for maximum exposure online, then you need to have a few flexible SEO tactics in mind. This will help you when you’re interacting with followers throughout your social media accounts.

Here’s why you should be aligning your social media and SEO strategies. These few tactics should help you out in the beginning.

Keyword usage:

If you’ve hired an SEO company, then they would have told you about the importance of having a bunch of relevant keywords. These words will be used in all the content that is uploaded on your site, thus allowing search engines to pick you up when somebody conducts a search.

Use these same keywords while creating social media content. For example, a Facebook status with a couple of relevant keywords will make your online presence much more accessible to search engine spiders.

Link building:

If you know a thing or two about SEO tactics, then link building is a task that will have come up repeatedly. In the recent past, directory submissions, articles, blog commenting, etc. were quite popular. But all that has changed because of the evolvement in the search engine algorithms.

Powerful content that is on your site’s landing pages should be promoted via your social media profiles. This way, viewers are directed to the right links. Social media is the perfect place to build links that enhance your SEO plan.

Streamlined blogging:

Creating blog posts for your brand is one way to increase interaction with customers. However, you need to keep both your SEO and social media tactics in mind while creating quality blog content. Incorporate links to pages on your website that readers can browse through for further information.

Don’t forget about adding relevant keywords, as well. Once you have good blog posts, promoting them via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites should be the next step.

Raising web visibility for brands

Online marketing is not a simple task as the playing field is always evolving. If you want your brand to stay on top and keep attracting followers, then you need to chalk out a marketing plan that is robust and flexible. A basic structure should include:

  1. Proper search engine optimization for your site that makes it visible on search engines.
  2. Social media strategies that will enhance your online image. Creating profiles on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Link building also plays an important role here.
  3. A continuous implementation plan that changes with the times to stay relevant. SEO tactics and social media posts should be used together so as to give the brand a good shot at building a solid online reputation.

The alignment of SEO and social media strategies is a relatively new concept that many brands haven’t turned to yet. You should consider such a change because of the manner in which search engine algorithms have been tweaked. Status updates, tweets, etc. are not just ways to let people know what you’re up to. They’ve become an integral part of your SEO plan. Brands need to realize this sooner or later, or it won’t be long before they’re left behind.


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