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Like most businesses, you are likely using Facebook in order to connect better with your fans, customers, and potential customers. However, this is not always quite as easy as you might have hoped, and you might find that you are having trouble engaging with those who are following you. One of the biggest issues that most companies have on Facebook, as well as the other social networks is that they are talking at people rather than talking to people. This keeps everyone at a distance, and they are not going to want to engage with the company’s page. Here are some tips that you could employ to help you increase engagement with your followers:

Stop the Incessant Advertising

Here’s one of the big issues that many companies just can’t seem to understand. Facebook is a social network, and that means that you should not spend all of your time advertising your services or product. If you do that, you will soon be talking to an empty room, and that’s the last thing you want. Make sure that your posts are good, accurate, and that they provide users with something that’s useful. They don’t even all have to be about your company. In fact, you should certainly post about other things.

Find things that might have some connection to your company on the periphery and post about them. For example, if you make soap at home, then you might want to post links to articles that highlight great soap designs, or even articles regarding the laws surrounding the sale of handmade soap.

Ask Questions and Respond to People

If you want to be able to connect with people, then ask questions on your posts. Ask them what they think about a situation or what they like or dislike. Make sure that you talk with the people online. It provides a bit of camaraderie.

Targeting Posts

Something else that you might want to consider is the new enhanced options for targeting posts that some pages have. Not all pages currently have this choice – they seem still to be testing things a bit. However, those who do will find that they are able to target the posts more easily, ensuring that posts go only to those who are going to benefit from them the most. Determining who receives each post, based on the simple to use parameters is a bit more tedious, but you might find that targeted posting actually can help.


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