Increase Traffic with Holiday Deals

More and more consumers are turning to the internet, rather than stores, to make their holiday purchases. So, for the best way for a business to increase sales, revenues, and bring in more consumers, without having to open a new physical store, is to set up an e-commerce site on their existing website. Not only will this option open the doors for sales, and expand the business without adding a new location, but it will also transform a business from a local retailer, to a national, and potentially a global corporation, depending on who purchases from the e-commerce site.

Companies can choose to sell all products that are sold in stores, sell only select products, sell limited products, or sell a mix of products and product lines, when setting up the e-commerce site. In order to set up the site, all that has to be done is to choose an e-commerce provider, which will basically do all the work, and offer a one stop solution for the business. The provider will register the domain name, host the e-commerce site, offer templates and tools (including shopping carts, instant check out options, and payment options), and offer the company the tools needed to build up the site.

SEO Benefits:

Other than the fact that your business will increase profits, sales, and revenues, not only during the holiday season, but year round, there are also various SEO benefits to adding a holiday discount. First off, when a searcher is looking for particular goods online, if your company offers a promotion, it will show up more frequently on the main search sites.

Additional SEO benefits include the fact that your company may have the ability to be found on other sites, via back links. If you are adding a manufacturers discount for the season, the advertisement adds backlinks to that products manufacturer. This will help increase your page rank and drive more traffic.

Adding a coupon code or discount promotion will also allow more keywords for your Adword’s campaign. Just adding the word “coupon” will increase the traffic to your site. For instance, if you sell clothing, your new keyword list could include discount clothing, clothing coupons, clothing sale, etc.

Choosing Deals:

Utilizing the same companies you currently advertise with is the best option. As your relationship with that company is already established, setting up the discounts will be effortless. Try choosing products that may be in high demand throughout the season.

If you are selling your own products, try discounting your top sellers. These are products that are already high in sales and give those waiting for a discount to be able to finally order. There is a reason the video game systems go on sale every year, they are top sellers and use the holidays to reach consumers on a budget.

Best way to set up e-commerce site:

Most web hosting companies allow discount programs to be created for their shopping carts. You can choose to either set a dollar amount such as $10 off of an order of $50 or more, or a percentage such as 10% off of every purchase. You may also choose a date range for when the discount coupon would begin and end. Contact your hosting company to find the easiest way to initiate your coupons. You may also ask which type of promotion is most successful if you are undecided about $ or %.

This holiday season proves to be a great year for shopping. With the slight improvement in the economy, spending is expected to rise. However, many shoppers are still spending cautiously and wanting to find the best deals. Initiating a holiday discount promotion for the season can bring more traffic and an increase in sales. The lasting effects will be customers that return throughout the following year to order from your site.


About the guest author: As a stay at home parent, Mary Blanchard understands the importance of making her dollars stretch. She frequents the site to help her stay within budget and still have a little left over to splurge.

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  1. It is more comfortable to shop online than in the physical market during holiday season because you will be out of the crown and looking to the net what you need is just a click away.

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