Increase Your Traffic with Google Review QR Codes

Items in the warehouse are tagged with bar codes for tracking and visibility purposes. But these days, people see similar codes all the time. QR codes are a funkier version of the conventional bar codes. They do not only come in monochromatic colors in newspapers and street ads but now QR codes can be made in color for marketing purposes.

QR or Quick Response codes can store larger data than bar codes and they can be fast retrieved through mobile phones and gadgets to scan information. In this article, we will discuss how Google review QR codes can increase your traffic.

How QR Codes Can Help You Boost your Traffic

1. Google+ Review Strategy

One way of driving customers to visit your site is linking QR codes to reviews of your products and services. When you have an account in Google+ for business, it is especially helpful to have review pins to encourage visitors to post reviews and testimonials to promote your offerings. In this note, you don’t need to pay for them to encourage others in purchasing products from you. Just simply provide the QR codes that are encoded with a Google pin and leave the scanning to them later. But first, you have to post the Google review button on your website to increase traffic.

2. Product Brochures

In your physical store, instead of posting all your company information that would bore visitors, you can spice your window with appealing visual designs and then post a QR code that they can scan to direct to your page. It is suggested to giveaway printouts of brochures that have this code where your company video, website and social networking accounts are linked. Then these are where they can download everything related to your business from that material. You can even direct them to your Google Places page so shoppers can get as much information and even compare products while they are window-shopping.

3. Email Subscription

If you have a list of subscriber to your emails, you can market your company further while cutting all the pitch about your products. After your announcement in your professional email or newsletter, attach a QR code that links readers to more info they can find about your services. Then ask them to send a short review about these features on Google for a token.

4. Events and Promotions

If you’re attending an event or product trade show as a host, speaker or active participant, you can distribute company flyer where your QR code is printed. Encourage people to scan the code to receive a special promotion waiting for them. Highlight that the offer is only available in a limited period of time and supplies can only be given until they last. This will then help drive traffic to your social media pages and website.

5. Have Consistent Reviews

You might have a lot of visits in your Google Place and Google+ reviews that attract visitors. However, do note that Google does conduct checks from time to time and it will discover if you are up to some bias tactic if you don’t have reviews posted elsewhere online. So the wise thing to do is to post reviews on other popular sites as well such as InsiderPages, CitySearch and Yahoo Local for your location. In this way, you are able to forge consistency and Google will have to map these listings and identify them to relate to your business.


Your business can benefit from QR codes in a lot of ways and printing them today and posting them to high-traffic areas will produce great traffic for your site. Another way to gain online visibility is through the use of Google reviews to increase the rank of your website. Use QR codes together with Google reviews and you will have improved rankings and overall score in reviews.


About the guest author: Pam Fat is a content writer of a technology blog. She’s known for being a techy person, and photojournalist. She loves to travel during spare time.

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