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Someone is considering hiring you for a great job which has the potential to lead to a stable and fulfilling livelihood. Before they make the final phone call they search for your name on Google to see what comes up. Unfortunately they find an obscene photo of you in a party where you perhaps are behaving socially disruptive. When they look at this, your chance of getting that job just went from ninety five percent all the way down to ten percent.

Unlike friends and enemies who let short comings and mistakes fade always with time, the internet will always remember. Many times there could be false claims put up by others about you or your business which may not only lead you to a loss in social acceptability, but also harshly affect the profitability of your business. This goes for everything from doctorial practices to shop owners to an average webmaster.

To help in correcting this dilemma, came a company which specializes in internet reputation management and make sure that your name is nice as possible online. makes sure that if your name or face comes up in matters such as news reports, legal proceedings and unsocial pictures, that they will be subtlety suppressed and only positive aspects of your reputation shall be highlighted.

All data online pertaining to you or your business will be found and monitored 24/7. Anything degrading is promptly removed and anything positive is polished to make it shine. The site will also create a completely customized profile for their clients and always keep their clients in the loop of control of their own personal image. will monitor improvement in the client’s online reputation as time progresses and change that reputation for the better. As the client has complete control, he can track all sorts of articles, stories and any other parts where his or her name is mentioned. The client can also track how many people are searching for him or her and that person’s location. Along with this, the top results your name’s search brings along with increase its popularity over time. These great features are all accessible to the client from a customized online dashboard.

In the real world when someone says something degrading about you, it always feels nice when your friend “gets your back” and silences that negative claim and says something good about you. With you can now have that in the virtual world too.


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