Internet TV – Real News and Better Understanding

The world is made up of a mosaic of very different cultures, traditions and political systems. Sadly, many of those political systems censor the news their citizens are being provided with via their ordinary TV channels.

While news of the wrongs being committed by their own governments within their own countries are either not mentioned at all, or presented as a response to the wrong-doing of others; other countries, races or religions are being portrayed as evil to be avoided or destroyed.

As a result, fear and hatred of that which is unknown are being promoted. This does little to prevent wars, terrorist attacks and so on. Internet TV allows individuals around the globe to get the real, unbiased and uncensored news concerning their own, as well as other countries.

Seeing what is really happening, both good and bad, both within one’s own country and everywhere else in the world, can be most enlightening and certainly has helped many to understand more about their own plights, as well as those of others.

Being able to find out more about other countries’ cultures, traditions, etc, by watching their TV shows, documentaries and educational programmes, for instance, also leads to a greater understanding.

Learning a language or two through watching Internet TV programmes in different languages then makes it possible to communicate even with those who speak little or none of one’s native tongue, further aiding mutual understanding and replacing fear and hatred with friendship.

Realising that there are good and bad within any culture, race or religion builds bridges which many governments are trying to avoid, because their citizens may realise how oppressed they actually are, and how wrong the propaganda spread by their TV stations actually is, when they start to communicate with others.

A pen pal, coming from a very different background to mine, for example, was extremely wary of what he said when we first started exchanging e-mails. We’d been friends for months before something he said made me realise he was a Muslim.

On realising what he had said, he was extremely worried that I might no longer want to be friends, because he thought that as a so-called Christian, I would not want to speak to him. He had been taught that all Christians automatically hate all Muslims.

His relief at my response that I wasn’t interested in whether he was a Muslim, Hindu, practitioner of Voodoo or whatever, turned into laughter when I admitted to thinking that all Muslims regarded all Christians as evil. We both learned a valuable lesson that day.

Internet TV provides thousands of entertaining and educational channels to suit anyone’s interests. It does, however, also educate and allow people of all nationalities to get to know about each other, to understand one another and to become friends where governments would have them be enemies.

To put it in other words, Internet TV opens up a whole new world and is, in my humble opinion, a valuable tool in promoting understanding and peace.


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  1. Great post. Internet television is a nice way of ensuring that people live in peace as they will only be giving relevant information.

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