Leveraging Squidoo to Reach Your Audience

Social media platforms and inbound marketing are becoming increasingly popular in just about every industry that involves marketing (so basically every industry). Companies are spending more and more time trying to find the newest form of social media, and leverage it to increase traffic, awareness, and ultimately, company success.

One social media platform many industry leaders have started using is Squidoo.com, a social media website that allows users to create ‘lenses’ about a specific topic, filled with pictures, polls, video, and valuable information. A lens is a unique web page made specifically to dissect a specific topic, product, idea, or place and do so in a way that is aesthetically pleasing for the user. The SEO benefits are fantastic: the domain authority of Squidoo.com is 96 according to SEOmoz (try not to let your jaw drop to the floor), the links from the ‘lenses’ are followed links, and you can put as many links to your website as you like (although we recommend being reasonable about it). Aside from the SEO benefit, these are a few other reasons why our company decided to tackle Squidoo:

  • Tutorials, how-to lenses, and a VERY responsive forum make for an easier than usual entry into the world of Squidoo.
  • The site is gamified, offering points for actions like using the forum, making lenses, liking other lenses, commenting and interacting on other lenses, and so on, making the users more likely to interact with other lenses and offer advice.
  • You can make as many lenses as you want, meaning more original content, meaning an endless opportunity to get all of your keywords and links into the Squidoo community.

Within the Squidoo community, using good SEO practices are just as important as usual, although a bit different.

  • Instead of web directories, Squidoo offers ‘Lens Directories,’ for you to categorize and add your ‘lens’ to.
  • When writing original content, keep in mind that writing for humans not search engines is the way to succeed in the Squidoo world.
  • Using keywords is very important, but Squidoo experts say it is very important to do so subtly—keyword stuffing can be extremely detrimental to your lens’ ranking.
  • Where you have the issue of needing say, 250-350 words above the fold for Google to consider your original content valuable on your website, Squidoo is different. They prefer that you trim the fat (in other words offer only the most important and relevant information regarding your specific lens topic). Your lens ranking will increase as your lens becomes more specific and less ‘fatty.’
  • Instead of reaching out and guest blogging with relevant blogs to receive backlinks, you would be wise to reach out to other ‘lensmasters’ and ask for your lens to be placed in their relevant related links.
  • You can use modules like the ‘Amazon Module’ to keep your lens fresh in the eyes of the “oh-so-powerful” Google. The Amazon Module shows users the few closest matches to your topic that can be purchased through Squidoo.
  • Other modules, such as the Twitter Module show users the most recent tweets about a username or hashtag, which also keeps the lens super fresh in the eyes of search engines.

Basically, Squidoo can be used as a blog of sorts, a place to reach a different, more interactive audience in an interesting, fun way. You can insert your links whenever you please but beware: the ranking officials are always on the lookout for lenses made for the purposes of promotion rather than user experience.

As you can see, there is a cornucopia of SEO benefits that your company can receive from the emerging social media platform Squidoo. Get on, explore, ask for advice, and fool around with the features. Who knows? Before you know it you may be the next Giant Squid! If you’d like to take a look at a sample Squidoo Lens, follow this link: http://www.squidoo.com/why-use-a-cruise-travel-agent.


About the guest author: Karolina Shenton is a cruise consultant at The Cruise Web. The Cruise Web is a travel agency that specializes in cruising. The expert cruise consultants focus on providing travelers with the best value for their time and money in finding and booking a cruise vacation!

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