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If you are a website owner who is looking to increase the amount of visitors to your website, you have probably heard people tell you over and over that you need to do more link building. While that is great advice, you need to know a bit about what link building is and how you can use it to really gain more visitors to your site. Here are the basics that you need to know before trying to build links yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

Knowing the Basics

When you hear the term link building, it may not mean exactly what you think it does. It doesn’t mean using a ton of links on your website, but it means getting other websites to want to link to your website. Essentially, you are looking for sites that want to link to you as a resource to gain something called a backlink. These are extremely valuable because search engines, such as Google or Bing, view a backlink as an endorsement of a site. The more endorsements you have, the better the search engines will view you, and the higher they will rank your site.

Having a ton of links is not always the best way to go, however. Yes, more links are better, but in the long run, search engines don’t just look for the quantity of links, but they also look at the quality of links. Getting links from a ton of low quality, rarely viewed sites does not mean as much as getting a link from a major source, such as an established news website. How a site ranks ultimately depends on the search engine’s algorithm, which takes many factors into account, such as the number of links, quality of those links, domain age, site speed and much more.

How to Build Links

The search engine that you should be most concerned with is Google, as it is by far the most popular site in the world. You should always optimize your site first for Google, and then the rest can come later. With that being said, Google loves when sites receive organic links, or ones that websites place on their sites without any other incentive. Basically, it is saying that the third party site found your website and liked what they saw, and they then linked to the site because they found it useful. While there are places to buy links to boost your rankings, if Google finds out about it, they may penalize your site and not rank it near the top at all due to you paying to get backlinks.

Hire a Professional

If you don’t want to go down the DIY route it may make sense to outsource your link building to a professional SEO company like Vroom Digital in Dublin.

Be careful who you hire though because low quality link building packages can sometimes do more harm than good.

Great Content Always Works

Building a site that is full of value is ultimately the best way to build links. If you have a lot of resourceful information on your website, people will naturally want to link to the site. A great way to get people to share your articles is by having engaging posts. Try to write articles that may are fun or even controversial, like top 10 lists or reviews of products. Doing this will get people talking and wanting to share with others, whether they agree or disagree.

Submit to Directories

Submitting your site to an online directory is one of the oldest forms of link building in the industry. However, you have to be careful how you do it now, as Google has started to look down on low quality sites or mass submissions. Instead of submitting your site to thousands of general directories, it is better to ask a few high quality directories that are relevant to your industry to include you. This will look more natural and likely not hurt your rankings in the future.

Write Content for Other Sites

Writing content for another site, or guest blogging, is a great way to get your name out, and the other site will often allow you to place at least one backlink to your website. Guest blogging has become very popular since both parties receive something out of the deal. The third party site gets quality, fresh content, while the author gets a free backlink from a site that they choose. While this can be abused with low quality content, you will find that most sites will not accept a blog that is not up to their standards.

Submitting Press Releases

You may not think your site is worthy of a press release, but it is much different than you may think. People submit press releases for the smallest of news today, so don’t be afraid of sending out a bunch of press releases throughout the year. Let news sources know when you hire a new writer or open up a new section of your website, as that not only increases your exposure, but it also will get you valuable links from sites that pick up almost all press releases. While you likely won’t get picked up for a national story, you will at least get a ton of natural links to your site!


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  1. Link Building is a very vague term. It is consisted of methods which will help you rank your website. To simplify it, Google requires Link Builing that is Organic or other SEOs call it White Hat. It’s what makes Google go round and yeah, with Organic Link Builing, you have the power to avoid Google’s updates like Panda and Penguin.

  2. link building is not at an easy process really its difficult and many a times you try to comment on a blog and it is not approved and then you need to find dofollow blogs to get backklinks. but when you get certain amounts of backlink you get your PR improved and that will sent lots of traffic to your web by google. nice post and thank you for sharing

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