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There are a number of ways in which you can now make search engines work for you, your online business, or your website. Search engines are very sophisticated internet tools and when looking for something online, the majority of people will use the search engines to help them in their search. Hundreds of thousands of results will be presented to the searcher within seconds so they can find the content they are looking for with ease. Search engines work in such a way that they will rank sites and order search results specifically to bring the user the sites with the most relevant to their search, and the most popular to their keywords.

The hundreds of thousands of results make it quite difficult sometimes to get your site where it needs to be, but the truth is, most people won’t venture further that the first page so getting there is vital. Search Engine Marketing is quite complex to say the least and most businesses and websites tend to outsource the task because if it’s not done right, Google will move your site even further down results during a Penguin Update. These updates are sophisticated enough to identify irrelevant spam sites as well as sites that are over optimised, and will aim to move them away from the users view hence ‘doing it right’ being essential.

Search engine marketing can come in a number of different forms and the most common right now seem to be SEO, SMO, PPC, and web development. The most relevant to the cause of search engine marketing are SEO and web development.


Search engine optimisation is exactly what is says; optimising your website so you appear as high as possible in the search engine rankings. As previously mentioned, users won’t tend to stray much farther than page one so being on page one is imperative. A feature used for SEO is link building, which means a link to your website is placed on another site to introduce new avenues for traffic. If you have irrelevant links pointing to your site, Google might ignore these and your rankings may not be as high as you would like. Having links from sites that are relevant to your business and content is favoured by Google.

Web Development

Search engine marketing is vital and having a website that is going to live up the rules the search engines set is essential. Relevant web content that engages the user will ensure they stay with you and make them more likely to use your services or purchase your products. Content is important because too many keyword mentions can make Google consider you an over optimiser as well. Your content also needs to be of quality, and unique to you.

Doing it right is the key so make sure that you do and stay out of the way of Penguin updates. All aspects of SEO and web development are important and can make a big difference to your business or website in terms of traffic. You can watch your site grow and avoid the fear of the Penguin updates bought to the internet marketing world by Google.


About the guest author: Emily  is a freelance writer Blackpool and is experienced in the world of Search Engine Marketing. When not writing about SEO; you’ll find Emily enjoying a good comedy movie, or reading a bit of fiction.

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  1. Well writen article, years ago you could get away with anything to get you on page one. Now Google is a lot more sophisticated and you need to do things right or you will have no chance of getting to the the top of the results

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