Marketing with Content: Quantity + Quality = Success

Many businesses are cutting back on traditional marketing mediums in favor of distributing content online.  Transitioning to this type of marketing isn’t foolproof, though. Without a solid strategy and content, you could potentially put in a lot of work for little reward.

However, done well, content marketing is an excellent way to engage potential and current customers. It can help shape your brand, assert your expertise, generate leads, and improve customer retention. Effectively marketing with content is a great foundation for achieving business goals.

If you want to market with content well, what do you have to do? What should your content look like, and how often should it be published? Here are some important elements for content designed to promote profitable customer action.


In order to foster consumer engagement, you have to provide something that is related to their lives and that, ideally, can enhance them. If you can provide something of value to readers, you are more likely to develop a wide readership than if your contributions aren’t personally valuable. Out of that appreciative readership, some are likely to become customers.

Sticking to content that is relevant to your business and general industry also contributes to your credibility. In order to appear like a knowledgeable voice on key industry issues, you should publish content that remains in line with the themes about which you’re trying to cultivate an image of expertise.

High quality

Publishing only high-quality content is another way to establish credibility. If you post poorly-written, inaccurate information, it can reflect badly on your business. Content that is well composed and researched, on the other hand, reinforces professionalism, competence, and trustworthiness.

Search engines prefer high quality, too. Algorithm updates usually happen, in part, to make search engines weed out weak web pages in favor of high-quality, unique content that readers actually want to read. Google, in particular, created quite a splash when they rolled out updates that dropped the rank of websites with low-quality, duplicated content. Make sure that what you publish is high quality and original – that makes it more likely consumers will encounter your web presence through a search engine.

Published often

Many search engines also prioritize fresh content. You increase your chances of landing a good rank if you update frequently – at least daily, perhaps even more. Also, the more content you publish, the more likely people are to see it. This is not only because of rankings, but because of sheer numbers – the more that is available online the more there is for people to see.

Not only do search engines privilege websites that update frequently, but people do, too. If you are regularly providing quality content on matters that pertain to your business and industry, it can contribute to people holding the perception that you’re invested in providing good information. In many people’s eyes, consistency is one sign of credibility.


In order to publish frequently, it’s not always feasible to post very long, involved articles. Aim for content with topics that are elaborated on enough to provide quality, but that can also be produced in a relatively short period of time.

Shorter content has its own benefits from a marketing perspective. By breaking down information into smaller segments, each written piece tends to carry a concentrated idea. These succinct and unique ideas can then be efficiently exposed to target demographics.

In the era of social media, marketing and content often go hand in hand. To get the most return, be sure that your content is done well and published often.


Guest post contributed by Carla Gregson, on behalf of Hannapin Marketing – a results-driven, service-orientated PPC management company.

This is an original article published on SEO Desk with exclusivity.

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  1. In the blogs that I manage as a freelancer (I work through ) I try to keep the quality high. Quantity is another issue that I have. It is surely ok to write small/short posts regularly but short posts tend to be of lower quality also.
    Guest blogging is another solution for more regular blog posts.
    Thank you!

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