Michael Fertik: a Great Internet Entrepreneur

Consider yourself walking down a crowded street and suddenly out of nowhere grey paint is poured all over you. Imagine the feeling of embarrassment and imagine how people avoid you throughout the day all the while taking stabs at you behind your back. Most of us will have that one individual in our lives who will get your back on anything and won’t let others spoil you name spreading gossip and rumors. Michael Fertik is the CEO of reputation.com and does this for a living. In reality, our world has become increasingly internet based and people love to ride the waves in all sorts of social media.

A person’s online privacy is a very important agenda today as anything and everything can be used against that person. A person’s name, face, home address, school address, office address, email ids, information about friends, relatives, personal information about family members etc are all freely available online when searched for by others. Repuation.com was Michael Fertik’s brain child formed due to the study of internet law which he had undertaken during his early years at Harvard Law School.

While still in Law school Michael Fertik came out with his first start up – Truexchange incorporated in the year 1999. This site dealt with creating a liquid, free trading floor online to be used by both the private and public sectors. For this start up he received seven million dollars as venture capital and when he graduated he already had 30 employees under him at Truexchange inc, all while expanding his client base to international levels.

After a yearlong service as a clerk in the court of appeals Michael Fertik founded Reputation.com. This site acts as your personal publicity manager in suppressing anything negative about the customer that may be found online. At the same time they also make sure that your reputation as a professional will be sustained online and will not be affected by any negativity in the future.

Reputation.com offers many great services to all customers, some of which are free of cost like their facebook applications, privacy defender and the Upotect.it. However the main products they are famous for are – Reputation defender, My reputation Discovery, My privacy and My reputation

Recently Michael Fertik has quoted data to be the new oil. Running a company which specializes in data management, he has firsthand experience on how valuable data has become over time along with the knowledge that there is always a potential for a deadly fire if this data isn’t handled with care.

Michael Fertik is a great example of how even today people continue to unlock the potential of earning a great livelihood through the internet and start-ups. We should take the hint and understand how our data is being used by third parties and how our privacy and reputation is openly abused if we don’t take the necessary precautions to prevent this from happening.


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