Monetizing Your Blog: Hot Tips

Ok, you have launched your Blog, you have made it content rich writing useful information and guesting high quality posts, you have done great SEO work and now you have a good amount of traffic from the SERPs.

Now it’s time to monetize your Blog!

You may ask: How much traffic should I have to get started monetizing my blog?

Good question! Well, to start earning a few bucks you should have at least 1000 visits/month. However, to “really” make money from your blog you’d better have at least 10,000 visits/month.

Which monetization techinques should you use? Which ones work better?

Different monetization techniques work better for different types of blog. I suggest you start using a bit of each of techniques described below, evaluate the results after a few months and then adjust the proportion you use each one accordingly.

The Monetization Techinques:

Private Advertising – Selling private advertising is one of the top ways to monetize your blog. You’ll need to create a good advertising page, with information about your advertisement packages and also showing your ranking and traffic stats.

Also, it’s important to have all advertisers sign up on a subscription payment system (I think the best one is PayPal), so that they automatically get billed for their advert every month.

To increase your chances of finding advertisers, I strongly suggest you offer your ad-spaces for sale on SitePoint Marketplace.

Affiliate Programs – Affiliate links are good because you can earn by promoting the products and tools you like, related to the content of your blog. If you ever lack blog post ideas, you can review a product or service you use often with your affiliate link and collect commissions. There are many affiliate programs out there; among the best ones I can cite E-junkie, Amazon and ClickBank

Advertising Programs – Using PayPerClick programs inside your blog posts can generate an extra revenue. The most used is Google Adsense

Sponsored Reviews – Reviewing websites can also be a great way to boost earnings as you can decide how often you want to do a review. A lot of the time you can sell reviews directly through your advertising page but to boost sales, I recommend offering reviews on ReviewMe and Sponsored Reviews.

Typically private ad sales bring in the most revenue so presenting your advertising details is very important. Don’t forget to get testimonials from your advertisers, as well as include screen shots of stats and ad locations.

Good luck monetizing your blog!

One thought on “Monetizing Your Blog: Hot Tips”

  1. While success with any monetization method is dependent on a number of factors besides just the technique itself. I’m interested to know what your own experience with these techniques has been.

    Do you find that achieve higher CTR with one method but better conversion with another?

    Do you tailor your posts according to their popularity (ie. using affiliate marketing for popular pages and PPC networks for remnant traffic)?

    Thanks for sharing.

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