Never Let Others Hack Your Website – Secure It First

If you are the owner of a vulnerable website, it’s time to wake up. The irony is around 80% of the webmasters are not aware of this fact that any hosting service with any un-updated anti-virus does not protect your website from the hands of numerous well-educated hackers. Yes, your site protection should not be handled by those traditional intrusion detection systems or firewalls; try to be proactive & take preventive measurements before it’s too late.

Get a secured password

The most overlooked part quite often! Both of your admin panel and FTP account passwords should be hard to crack. Out of ideas? Choose something that involves letters, alphabets (Both in small and caps) & some random special characters. Try to be creative with your password (Don’t be afraid to try out an absurd password, they are harder to crack) & give hackers a run for their money.

A reliable hosting company

Don’t go for any cheap hosting provider. Choose the ones with great reviews (You may search online) & the ones that are in business for long time frame (That ensures credibility of the business). When it comes to hosting, it may not be always possible to gauge the space or bandwidth they provide. Most of the webmasters all around the world are not really competent when it comes to technical knowledge and that’s where the customer service team of your hosting provider comes into place. If they are easily reachable and efficient enough, the tough tasks (Which actually are not that tough as you might think) like site transfer, CMS installations are handled by them. Not to mention, the security parameters of an established hosting provider (They generally use established anti-virus software such as Kaspersky, Norton etc. so security in other words is a guarantee) are tough nut to crack for a hacker. For the most reputed hosting providers, discount coupons are available throughout the internet and if you can get one of those, be happy as you will end up saving some bucks for sure.

Back up the data

This is an important pre-requisite particularly when your site gets hacked. You cannot afford to keep your visitors waiting, so the easier process will be to change your website server & password and upload the backup. Your website should be doing fine!

If you are looking for an online backup of your website, you should try the most popular ones such as Carbonite. If you search a bit, you will find discount coupons as well to try out Carbonite’s service at a less price. 

Keep the software up to date

Whatever CMS you are using (WordPress, PhpBB or SMF); make sure you update it on regular basis. With each and every update, these CMSs introduce new security features and why should we deprive ourselves from availing the advantages!

If you are using any third-party software, app or script, make sure you get them from a trusted source. Otherwise, it may well fall into the traps of a hacker quite easily.

Hackers will never stop, so even for your website; no security is enough with passing time. The list mentioned here is not final & you should be knowledgeable enough to keep the hackers stay away of your website. If you don’t have a big budget, you can try out the norton 360 coupon for anti-virus needs & carbonite coupon for online backup purpose. Use the working coupons; get a great deal of discount and save your website. Just before concluding, remember, hackers are always evolving with their hacking techniques, so even you need to strengthen your website security mechanism with time.


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  1. Great article – remember also to ensure that the applications you are running have gone through some kind of security testing. As a site owner, ensure that your installation is secured correctly by verifying server config such as directory permissions and user access.

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