New Facebook Changes Impacting Business

Facebook is a strong platform for every small or big business because of being a social media giant. It has now reached a count of more than 1 billion users. Such a large pool of audience and excellent networking makes it one of the best business platforms for entrepreneurs and marketers. The diversity, fan pages and the level of interaction grabs attention of a lot of potential social networking site users. Businesses use it as an important part of their marketing strategy weather it is about lead generation or b2b sales.

Facebook keep on making changes on regular basis. It has made some significant changes even this time which means that your business strategy have to be changed as well. Here is an overview of some significant changes and how you can make efficient use of these new features:

The extra space: By now you must have understood what it means. Yes, you are getting an extra space with the Timeline feature. You can increase and enhance the visibility of your page by one large image on your timeline. You can creatively design this image by intelligently adding your contact information here. The profile picture pixels have been changed to 180 by 180 which appear next to every post you make. Your logo can be made the profile image. Pictures make a noticeable impact as they are made larger than usual.

Milestone option: It is also an excellent feature by which you can make your profile interesting by adding milestones. Like you can add major events that have taken place recently or which are going to be held in the coming future. This can make your fans know when and where they can see you the next time. Posts by your fans now lie on a separate area. Speaking of which, this give more attention to your time line. Your fans can read the entire profile and timeline properly, rather than just commenting, posting or asking questions.

Better advertising: The advertisements are now larger so that they are more visible to people. You can reach your fans by Reach Generator. This allows you reach more of the fans than you were actually able to reach through posts and news feed. The ads will now be more visible to your fans because they will also go into the news feed and will always be on the right side of the page.

Offers on Facebook: Companies on Facebook will now be able to generate offers, termed as Facebook offers. Your fans will get the offers by clicking on ‘get offer’. The offer can be shared by news feed.

Largely highlighted posts: Facebook will help you tell you about the new stories now more efficiently. You can highlight your posts, use large pictures and videos. Posts can be highlighted by clicking star on the upper right corner of the post.

There are a lot of changes that has made things easy for you as a marketer. Know the changes and use them to distribute your stories efficiently.


About the guest author: Abhishek Bhan is an avid blogger, marketing strategist and Social Media addict. He is currently working for Lead Creation as a business strategist covering the major issues like Social Media, E-Commerce, B2B marketing strategies. He also loves to travel and blog about his views regarding the new marketing strategies.

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