Online Backup: Insight for a Layman

Since the computer systems became central to most of our activities, such as utilities, businesses and security, saving data from theft and damage has been of utmost priority. Viruses, malfunctions, hacking and calamities present grave danger to important data and they have repeatedly materialized, causing losses worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Whether you run a business highly dependent on computer system, or you have family pictures and videos dear to you; worrying for their safety would not be a bad thing.

Backup Evolution

The first instances of backup tools were brought about by development of magnetic tapes other such devices, such as floppy disks. These devices posed large problems, either they were able to store very little data, or they stored large amounts of data that was mostly suited for large businesses. The evolution in technology then brought about improvements in magnetic and digital means of storage devices, such as optical drives, DVDs and USBs.

These newer devices presented an easier and cost effective solution to saving your data. They are cheap to acquire, easy to secure and easy to utilize. However, even these innovations are not risk free. You can easily misplace or lose your USB device, you can damage your DVD and sometimes, your device can be damaged by unintended exposures to heat, light, etc. Then there are data servers that you can witness being utilized in universities, a centralized node for securing information with all kinds of software such as anti-viruses, anti-spyware, anti-malware and additional protections.

A New Horizon

The next change in the chain of evolution of backup tools has already arrived. It is online backup of data. Through this medium, you can transfer your information over secured and encrypted internet connection to an online location. There the data rests securely on larger and more secure servers; these can be thousands of servers where bits of data are stored more securely among them. These servers are ever more secure from every risk perspective. The data cannot be stolen easily because these servers are protected by state of the art software; data cannot be lost easily because these servers maintain their own backups and data cannot be easily damaged due to catastrophes because these servers are often located in most secure environments.

Cloud backup is a refined form of online backup. Here the data is stored on servers in bits and bytes on various facilities around the globe; hence providing an additional security blanket. Efficient database structure helps retrieve your files quickly from such servers.

Some Advice about Online Backup

Many websites and companies are offering their services to help you backup your information online; there are many notable ones, such as Norton and many out there that are not renowned. You must choose carefully from among them should not always weight a site based on low cost being charged. It would do well if you performed some research on the ways a particular website is willing to protect you. Some websites may even offer an insurance cover for your data.

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