Opt-in Optimization for Building your Email List

It’s been six months since you’ve created your blog and you’re still having difficulties building your email list. If you’re planning to use your blog or website as a portal for your marketing campaign then building a healthy email list is the way to go.

Why create an email list? This list represents a potential market where you could advertise your goods or services. Increasing your blog’s readership comes but building your email list is the next logical step in building your online marketing campaign.

Give Them Something in Return

Giving your readers something in return makes subscribing to your list more attractive. However, you don’t have to break the bank and start giving away your products. One popular gift that blog owners have found to be useful is to give eBooks. It certainly takes a lot of creativity and some hard work but you should also remember that this could prove invaluable in building your email list. All you have to do is create a single eBook for example that you could offer to all visitors who subscribe to your email list.

Design an Attractive Looking Opt-in Box

Treat your opt-in form like any other webpage on your blog. The design should be based on your blog’s design to help it blend in better. Some of the popular opt-in applications come with easy to use customization settings that allow even bloggers without technical experience to create one. Setting includes customizing the opt-in box color. These are so easy to use that you only have to fill in the text and you’ve instantly equipped your blog with an opt-in box.

Create a Killer Landing Page

Quality content is the lifeblood of your blog and writing content that is geared towards enticing your readers into entering their email address. If you’re planning to use a landing page where people could subscribe, you should be sure to inform them of the benefits of subscribing. You could spend a few more hours creating better content for this page since this will determine future success in getting subscriptions.

Use your Social Media Networks

Social networks are a great way of building your email list. This can be done every time a visitor decides to join your facebook fan page for example. Announcing it over twitter or facebook is a direct way of inviting people to join your subscriber’s list. Placing a link to your opt-in page is a simple way of integrating your email building campaign with your social media accounts.

Send them a Thank You Email

This is a subtle way of reminding them to verify their subscription. You could provide a link to your landing page where you could instruct them how they could verify their subscription. You don’ have to answer every subscriber that come your way, everything’s automated this way. But what you place in the email’s you send is vital so again spend some time developing content.

Opt-in Placement

There’s no use creating an opt-in box if your readers don’t exactly know where to find them. There is no limit on how many opt-in forms you could place on your website and placing them in areas where they are readily visible is a good starting point. If you’re working with WordPress you could always install Pop-up plug-ins. Great places for opt-ins are at the top and bottom of your web pages or posts. Just remember never to overdo it. Pop-ups for example could be very annoying and having them appear every time a visitor clicks a page can leave a bad taste with potential subscribers.


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