Optimizing your Google Plus Business Page

Google Plus is a rapidly growing online community with hundreds of personal or business pages added each day. Since millions of users all over the world use Google Plus everyday if your business doesn’t have a Google Plus business page yet there’s a very big chance that your company is missing out on making itself visible to a lot of potential customers. Through Google Plus your business can promote its brand image, increase its visibility, market new products and develop valuable contacts by featuring in different ‘circles’.

But if your business does have a dedicated page on Google Plus and you still find yourself unable to rise through the ranks or generate sufficient leads it’s probably because you’re not using Google Plus to its optimum potential. It’s been more than a year since Google Plus let business owners through its doors by allowing them to create pages for their companies and market themselves to the vast number of Google Plus users. Those who have effectively applied the following techniques to their pages have succeeded in bagging the top few coveted spots on search engine ranking pages and generating lots of leads for their business.

Expand and Develop Your Circles
Like any other social networking platform, Google Plus too relies on its many members to keep things active and interesting. Your Google Plus Business Page has to be attractive and appeal to its community of members so that they add it to their ‘circles’ and popularize it. But in order to get them to do that you first have to let them know about your Google page through your website or other social networking platforms you utilize to engage with them. To put it simply, make your current followers and fans aware of another platform they can reach you on.

On Google Plus it is not possible for business pages to add personal pages to their circles. However you are free to add other business pages that are related to your category of business to your circle. This will be useful in getting you valuable contacts in the industry and also provide your business more exposure.

Share Attractive Pictures
Unlike Facebook where users generally share photos by uploading albums, in Google Plus you will find lots of users sharing single images with the community. Use Google Plus’s visual marketing potential to its best possible level and upload striking pictures about your new products or the latest charts showcasing your company’s evolution. The more visually appealing the pictures are the more likely they are to be talked about and to be shared by users with other members in their ‘circles’.

Provide Links to Your Website
On creating a Google Plus business page, you will notice a ‘Recommended Links’ section on the right side of the Introduction. This is a fantastic feature and you should fully utilize it to forward visitors to your company’s website. You can add links to this section that will take visitors to the key pages on your website like blogposts about the products or services you offer. Another way you can directly engage with members is by encouraging the people in your community to share the new photo or message that you’ve posted with other members in their circles. Coupled with well thought out content this can drive your popularity up and make you visible to a much larger audience.

Every +1 Matters
When performing Google searches you may have noticed that the number of +1s next to a page is directly related to the page’s ranking. So encourage people to give your company a +1 by engaging with them on other platforms or by giving them +1s and hoping they would reciprocate the favor.


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