SEO Makes Content Writing Easier

There are plenty of blogs out there which are one-person shows. The blog owner serves as his or her own webmaster, creates all the content, and makes all of the design and development decisions upon which the appearance of the site is based. It’s easy to tell, the first time you see a new blog, what aspect of this process a sole proprietor is best at. Some blogs are created by people who have worked in advertising or some other related field. These people tend to create technically functional blogs, with an emphasis on monetization and SEO. There is another sort of blog runner, who comes out of creative fields. These people tend to be focused on the writing itself, thinking (not necessarily naively) that good content and word of mouth will turn the blog into a success.

This approach isn’t necessarily wrong. But it takes quite a writer, with a lot of amazing things to say, to pull it off. Writing, on its own, must be truly exceptional to break through the noise of all the other writing on the internet. There are plenty of strong writers on the web, and within the niche you inhabit. Unless you prove yourself to be a guru, there will be someone out there who can write on the same subject as well or better than you do.

So rather than try to smash out masterpieces five times a week, why not find another way to make your material perform better? The way, of course, is with SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the way that content creators craft material that is likely to be found by search engines. The major search engines, most notably Google, has all sorts of ways to find the most relevant content for their customers. These algorithms are changing all the time, and they’re proprietary, so Google isn’t going to come out and tell you how to write the most relevant material.

But there are some recognized best practices that people have found which work to attract search engine attention. This is a deep topic, one which you would do well to research. But generally speaking, relevant content is content that is rich in important keywords. Keywords are the short phrases which regular people type into their search engine in order to find information. You can find out which specific keywords are relevant to your topic with minimal research. Or you can simply try to think like the readers you are producing content for. What are these people trying to learn? How will they search for it? If you write material which contains the phrases people use in this hunt for knowledge, your material is much more likely to pop up when Google is trying to supply its users with answers to questions.

There are many other aspects of SEO. Large firms like WSI are equipped to produce excellent material that performs at the fullest with SEO. But if you are producing this material on your own, read about optimizing WordPress (or whatever you use) for SEO, and make sure that relevant keywords appear throughout your material, and you should start to see your best material begin to perform much better.

Causes of Poor Email Open Rates

Sending out an email is one thing. However, getting your recipients to open it is another. Many marketers grapple with the problem of poor email open rates. Here are some of the reasons why your subscribers are not opening your emails:

Poor subject lines

The subject line of your email is far more important than the actual content of your message. If the subject line does not resonate with your audience, they will not even bother opening your email. Generic subject lines such as ‘August Newsletter’ or ‘Newsletter – 4th Edition’ simply won’t cut it. You need to ensure that the subject is catchy enough to make your subscribers want to read the rest of your message. It would be advisable to carry out A/B testing on different subject lines to find out which elicits a better response from your audience.

Inconsistent delivery

If you promise your subscribers a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter, you should be ready to stick to your schedule. If you fail to deliver as expected, people will begin losing interest. Consistency is therefore very important for retaining your readers. Before committing to a schedule, make sure you have enough time and information to deliver. However, if for some reason you are finding it tough to sustain the original schedule, you need to notify your list that you will be sending emails less frequently.

Not optimizing emails for mobile devices

Many people are now accessing their emails using their smartphones and tablets. Therefore, if your emails are not optimized for mobile devices, you will not be able to reach a vast majority of your list. Fortunately, there are many email management solutions out there that come with templates which you can use to create mobile friendly emails. Don’t forget to keep track of your email statistics to find out how much traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Offering little or no value

Besides sticking to your schedule, you need to ensure that your emails offer value to subscribers. If you are always promoting your products or services, the audience will be put off. Therefore, cut down on the promotional stuff and offer information that is useful. This could be industry news, tips, tutorials and other free resources. When your readers realize that they are getting value from your emails, they will always be looking forward to the reading the next one.

Poor formatting

Your emails should not only offer value but should be properly formatted. Don’t make the mistake of just having blocks of text. Instead, break up your content using bullet lists and headings to make your content more readable. Since some people will not have the time to read through your entire email, they can simply scan through and get the message.

Inactive email list

Another common reason for poor email rates is having a high number of inactive subscribers. This is why it is very important to evaluate your list frequently and get rid of people who are not opening your emails. You would rather have a list of 1,000 subscribers with a 92% open rate than have a list of 9,000 with a 6% open rate.

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Top Paying Jobs for Computer Science Majors

When you decide to go to college, most people will tell you to follow your passion and choose a major that interests you. Before you spend thousands of dollars or more on your college education, you need to make sure that you can get a good paying job once you finish your studies. One of the top majors for college students today is computer science. In addition to learning about networking and programming, you’ll also have the chance to develop your own software. Find out more about some of the top paying jobs that might be open to you once you finish college.

Web Developers

As more companies learn the benefits of using the Internet, the owners of those companies need developers with strong skills relating to designing and implementing web systems. While web designers create websites for clients, web developers actually ensure that those websites work properly. They find ways to get feedback from those using the site and look at ways to incorporate that feedback. Web developers are often responsible for backing up all information as well and ensuring that clients have everything they need if a problem occurs.

Software Developers

Do you have a passion for creating programs and software that others use? Working in software development might be a good choice for you. Software developers create detailed programs that companies of all sizes use, but they are also responsible for creating software used by schools and nonprofit organizations. You may even find work developing your own apps or creating video games for a major company. Software developers must also go over each program carefully to look for any bugs and are responsible for fixing any problems with the software that might arise later.

Database Administrator

Any company, organization or group that shares a database must have a database administrator on hand to help with any issues or problems that occur. An administrator is usually responsible for designing and implementing the database that clients need. They are also responsible for ensuring that the database is secure and protected from both internal and external threats. Many administrators will also perform routine checks and tests to look for any problems. When accidents and errors occur, the database administrator may work with the network administrator to protect the confidential information of clients and to get the network back up and running again.

Political/Government Jobs

Computer science majors may also find work in the political world and for the local, state or federal government after graduating. The government often needs dedicated computer experts to protect valuable information and with networking services. You can find out how some computer majors help the government when you look for Charles Phillips Infor on and look at other professional profiles you find online. Working for the government may come with great benefits too, including a 401(k) plan, paid time off and health insurance. Consider the pros and cons of each job when deciding what to do with your degree.

Market Your Video: Top Tips from the Pros

When you’ve made a wonderful video, television show pilot or anything else media related, knowing what to do with it can be hard if you don’t have a buyer. You’ve already gone through the grueling and financially challenging process of getting made and now you’ve got worry about how you’re going to get it seen.

While it might seem impossible you don’t have to just send your video to outside programmers and hope they bite. In fact, that can be a fruitless effort for many smaller companies looking to launch their work.

Use these tips, used for the Kantar internet audience measurement, for finding a home for your video or media work.

Publish Online

You probably don’t want to put your whole project online for others to see. After all, you’re trying to make money off something you’ve worked so hard on, right? That doesn’t mean using the internet isn’t something that you absolutely need to be doing.

Instead, stat a social media marketing campaign to make your video – or at least part of your video – visible to people. You’ll get some hype and a little bit of potential customer reaction. Get enough attention and you’ll find that it’s a whole lot easier to get noticed by traditional viewing sources like TV stations and major websites.

Hire Outside Help

Trying to market your creative efforts all by yourself can seem nearly impossible. That’s why it’s ideal to hire somebody that understands your work and how to market it.

Take your time and meet with different teams that can help place your work. Choosing the right one is essential to your success.

The Input Of The Customer

If you own a business, you know that the customer is the reason whether the company succeeds or fails. It’s important to know how customers feel about the experiences they have had while dealing with the staff and while looking for products or services. There are ways to keep up with the satisfaction level of customers online so that you can work to improve in areas that customers don’t like.

When you are able to determine what the customer isn’t satisfied with, you will be able to fix that issue as soon as possible so that you can focus on providing exceptional service that customers enjoy. Such as with Redshift customer satisfaction research, customers can leave remarks about the business online, or they can complete a form while in the building. No names are needed as all you want to look at is the overall feeling of customers. If there are issues that go unnoticed, they can lead to a decrease in profits for the company as customers won’t want to shop there any longer. A customer satisfaction survey also gives you a way to talk to those who might be interested in working with the business in order to improve sales and services instead of simply getting feedback.

11 Ways to Get Up & Running Making Money from Your Blog

With the rapid expansion of all things web-related, discussions related to making money from blogging change from year to year. Sure, there are the tried and tested ways, but what of the slightly newer, more modern approaches, to monetizing a blog effectively? This article hopes to suggest eleven of these, all helping to get you up and running as fast as possible so you can start generating an income from what you publish digitally.

Teaching Programs

Thanks to sites like CreativeLive, Coursera and the myriad other online learning portals, creating courses and teaching programs around a theme is one of the more common ways to start monetising the expertise demonstrated on your blog.

Text Links and Guest Posts

Services like can help make the necessary connections to help you in this relatively newer form of income generation, whereby companies pay you to include a link to a page or resource in the hope of general promotion.

Live Workshops

Charging people for a ticket, gathering the audience and then teaching or discussing something live in real-time is another great way to share your knowledge and make an income doing so.


Being the host of a webinar, a live workshop online, you can use your blog as the portal for which people might access you as you talk about your specialist subject or niche.


Raising funds and giving back to people who help contribute, whether through sites like IndieGoGo or KickStarter is something that’s becoming increasingly common for bloggers to do in order to help monetize their blog and keep providing quality content.

Private Forums

Comparative to paid membership sites, private forums can be a good way to make an income, linking people together through your blog and charging an annual or monthly fee for access.

Sell Your Theme

Bloggers having spent time customizing a theme or template for their site can go one step further to launch it out to the masses for general purchase. Provide support for the themes use and you might even consider a subscription-based pricing model.

Audio Advertising

Use your blog content to launch a podcast, invite guests on to your program and launch great discussion and audio advertising, just like radio ad-spots, is another open strategy to you.


Becoming ever-more popular online, lightboxes, sometimes better known as ‘pop-ups’, when executed right and flying under the radar of a blocker, are another solid way to promote something and get some cash for it. Just be mindful of your users experience and use sparingly.


Writing an eBook and launching it on Amazon is becoming hugely effective for bloggers looking to diversify their income streams and get some cash flowing in. Package some of your content and add some extras and you might not even have to invest a huge amount of time into the product build and launch.


It’s now easy to integrate a PayPal donation button on your blog and begin taking cash deposits to help keep the content flowing and your audience satiated.

Your Site Defines Your Business

The online business world continues to get more competitive with each passing day. This means that in order to defeat your competition and carve out your share of the market, you must have a site that will impress the general public, as well as represent your brand properly. In the early days of the Internet, a website was viewed as nothing more than a portal that can be used to sell merchandise and services. Those days are gone forever. Nowadays, a company’s website is much more important. Companies realized a long time ago that millions of people will only have access to their products online, so the design of their website must be taken very seriously. Your site defines your business. Here are a few examples of why this is the case.

1. People associate the quality of your website with your company

For better or worse, your website will often be compared to the quality of your business. Despite the efforts of many companies to separate the two, it is becoming more difficult to do so, due to the number of people accessing the Internet from mobile devices. This basically means that if you put no care, thought or imagination into the design of your company’s website, people are going to notice and respond accordingly. If your site looks like something that was designed in 1997, with a bunch of cheesy graphics all over the screen, visitors to your site will not take your company seriously.

2. A high quality site means a company you can trust

On the other hand, if you hire the best web designers Sydney has to offer, it will be well worth the investment. This is because when people visit your site, they will encounter a site that runs smoothly, with effortless page transitions and graphics that help to compliment the written content on the site. If your site looks great, people are more likely to trust you as an authority in whatever industry you are in. This is just human nature. Therefore, while it may cost you some money initially to hire a web designer, this expense will be a worthwhile investment in the future of your business. If your site is not up to snuff, you will be quickly passed over by the masses. If this happens, it will not be long until your business bites the dust.

3. Glitches can be devastating

Many businesses are doomed before they ever get started. This happens when a company does not spend the necessary time testing their website before it goes live. In many cases, people are so anxious to get their business up and running that they do not examine all of the website features to ensure there are no bugs that the public might encounter. In these cases, potential customers are left to discover serious flaws in the website for themselves. These might be problems with the search engine, shopping cart or online payment system. Whatever the case may be, problems like this can irreparably damage the public’s faith in a company. They will understandably think that if the company cares so little about their own website, they probably care very little about the quality of the products they are selling. It does not take a genius to figure out that this could mean the end of a company.

How Important is a Blog for a Small Business?

Blogging has become the new norm. People don’t bother keeping a diary these days. Instead they write their innermost thoughts on an online blog for the whole world to read. Business blogs are a bit different, however. Instead of writing about personal issues and gripes, business blogs are created to boost SEO and brand identity. Unfortunately, a lot of small businesses don’t recognise the value of maintaining a blog on their website and are missing out big time.

So if you are one of these businesses, here are a few reasons why you should make an effort and create a blog.

Boost Brand

Writing a blog is an excellent way of building your brand. Everything you write and post in the public domain helps to build your brand. Customers will read your blog and gain a greater sense of who you are and what your business stands for. For example, if you sell DIY tools and equipment, you could post a series of ‘How To’ articles to help people undertake their own DIY projects at home. This type of article will be enormously helpful, thus reinforcing your company image.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Blog posts are an easy way to keep the content on a business website fresh. Every time you post a new blog, you are refreshing the existing content and encouraging the search engines to come back and re-index the pages. Google loves regularly updated content and if you post blogs once a week, it should help you achieve a better ranking.

Sharing is Caring

Good blogs are worth sharing. Always include social share buttons on a blog to encourage readers to share the content with their friends. The more your content is shared online, the more visitors you will draw back to your website. And since every visitor is a potential customer, isn’t that a good thing?

Establish Business Credibility

Another great reason to start a business blog is because it gives you a platform for sharing your knowledge with the world. One could argue that Twitter is a useful platform for sharing opinions, views and knowledge, but there is only so much you can write in a Tweet and unless you don’t have a lot to say, a business blog is likely to be more rewarding! If you consistently write useful, informative and knowledgeable content, people will bookmark your blog as a valuable resource. In time, this will improve your credibility and standing amongst your customers and industry partners.

Build Customer Relationships

If you write interesting and useful content, people are likely to comment or take the opportunity to ask questions. Responding to comments gives you a great opportunity to build trust with customers, and in the current global marketplace, trust is a valuable commodity.

No matter which way you look at it, blogging makes sense. Yes, it can be time consuming, but if time is your enemy, you can always outsource your blog writing to a junior employee or third party company. So don’t miss out on the golden opportunity of a lifetime – start your business blog today.

How 2015 is Changing the Appearance of Websites

People can spend just seconds glancing across your website to ascertain whether they’ve landed in the right place. If there’s anything which turns them off, they’ll head straight back to the results page. This is why your website design is so important, and why it needs to keep evolving to keep up with current trends.

Here are a few of the ways in which website design is shifting this year.


Mobile browsing is now more important than desktop or laptop-based browsing. Experts predicted that this would be the year in which mobile browsing data overtakes traditional browsing data – so creating a mobile-friendly site is more important than ever. Google has already begun penalizing sites which cannot be read on mobiles, so a failure to keep up could cut away over 50% of your potential visits.

Google added a mobile usability section to their Webmaster accounts during 2014, so you can keep track of your mobile performance. In general, larger text, simpler designs, single scrolling pages, and plenty of click-to-contact buttons are a good way to start.

More Visual

In general, the internet is becoming far more visual. Businesses are making greater use of videos, and social media shares have become more reliant upon interesting images in order to capture the fleeting attention of modern web-users.

This has carried over to the way in which websites are being presented. Fewer and larger images are more beneficial – you want to create a strong statement very quickly. Large visual headers are also becoming more popular, with many companies using integrated video to further arrest the attention.

Hidden Menus

In line with an increased focus on simplicity, many web designers are opting to hide menus behind tabs and buttons which will only be revealed when hovered over or clicked on. This makes your website simpler to use, but it also boasts the further benefit of allowing you to prioritise the more advantageous menu items.

Everything which a visitor might possibly need will be included in your drop down menu, but the high traffic items – and those which create the best conversion rates – will be prioritised, making it easier for visitors to get where they want to go.


Your website should never stand still. Treat it as a constant work in progress, and make sure it never feels dated.

Top 5 best SEO plugins for WordPress

There is no doubt that one of the most famous content management systems is WordPress. WordPress offers its users the capability to easily create and manage their own blog site. Its success can be seen in the fact that among the million websites in existence in the World Wide Web, most of it are powered by non-other, WordPress. Thanks to WordPress, users can browse through different themes to help them in designing the physical appearance of their blog, which is an important feature of any website. The most important however, is the content of a blog and how this content can be made readily available to all those who browse the internet. WordPress supports many different plug-ins made for helping you boost your SERP rankings in the different Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and By utilizing these SEO plug-ins, a user is not only increasing the chances of his/her blog getting discovered and linked to search queries but he/she is also choosing to make his/her blog function better.

According to company provides local SEO services, to help you with your blog, you should try tools that can undoubtedly help the performance of your blog. The top SEO tools for WordPress are those, which offer wholesome services and specialized amenities for creating a blog. Note however that there is a difference between paid and unpaid services offered by the SEO plug-ins.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

One of the most famous and complete plug-in for WordPress is the WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plug-in offers most of the services that you will need in creating your blog. With its many features, you can tinker with all of the little details that need to be adjusted for your site’s performance. It helps you create templates that can help you in utilizing your Meta descriptions and titles which will help you in indexing the contents of your blog. Aside from this, it also offers many other optimization options for the different needs of your blog. You can also avail some of its premium add-ons for other special needs.


This SEO plug-in is one of the most wholesome plug-ins that offers almost the same services as WordPress SEO by Yoast. It covers all the basics for making your own blog proving that it is indeed an all in one pack product. It is very user friendly and can be very much trusted and utilized even for beginners. One special thing about ALL-IN-ONE SEO Pack is that it is the only plug-in that offer SEO Integration for e-commerce websites. This is an advantageous feature for those you would like to utilize commercial transaction of information through the Web.

SEO Friendly Images

Having a blog with images means that you, as a blogger, should update your images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes in order for them to be more discoverable by improving the flow of information traffic from search engines. SEO Friendly Images does that thing in particular which greatly affects how your images match search queries for the accurate picture involved. SEO Friendly Images is a “must have” for all types of bloggers who incorporate images into their blogs.

WP Social SEO (Pro)

One of the most popular media for disseminating information is non other but the social media. This paid plugin will help your blog become optimized socially and can help your blog attain Social Media Optimization. WPSocial SEO helps you optimize the content of your blog for it to be optimized within social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and many other social networks. This plugin is also one of the best for easily acquiring a Google Authorship and Publisher Status for your blog.


If you are a Digital Marketing Professional, then SEMrush is the WordPress plugin for you. This plugin was specially built to help Digital Marketing Pros to keep up with the digital statistics of their digital marketing competitors. SEMrush helps you to strategize your marketing by allowing you to look at the data of your Search Engine Optimization and your competitors’. SEMrush also prides itself with its SEO keyword search tool.