Points To Consider While Creating Web Content

Why do people visit websites? That’s right – to find authentic, reliable information on any particular topic, and quickly too. That, in turn, underlines the importance of having content of the finest quality on your website. In the online space, you have a mere five to eight seconds to retain visitors on your pages. Unless the web content you use is really informative and engaging, the ‘page stickiness’ would never rise beyond a certain low level. In what follows, we will discuss a few points that should be kept under consideration while developing web content:

Qualitative factors:

  • Write error-free web content – Spelling and/or grammatical mistakes make a distinctly unfavorable first impression on the visitors on your website. The same goes for gross factual errors. Keep an eye out for such serious mistakes, during the content creation stage of your website development.
  • Do not plagiarize – You should already know this – but there is no harm in reiterating this factor once more. Never ever use such material on your website that has already been published elsewhere. You will be found out by Google, and the penalties imposed will drastically affect your online visibility.
  • Write in a well-formatted, scannable manner – During the web design & development, make sure that you are not putting in large chunks of apparently boring paragraphs. Use bullets, headlines and sub-headlines, and lists to format your text instead. People tend to scan through the content on websites – and if your web pages do not have easily scannable content, the website will simply not become popular!
  • Follow an ‘inverted pyramid’ approach – Present all the points that you will be writing on, right at the start of the content on any web page. Elaborate upon the points in the subsequent paragraphs/sections. Do not include multiple ideas/issues within a single paragraph.
  • Avoid a strong promotional tone – The credibility of your website content takes a hit, if it has a hardcore promotional tone (except, maybe, on an ecommerce website). Keep the content informal, objective and informative – so that believability never becomes an issue.

In addition, avoid using long sentences in the text content on your website. Do not change the font color and style often, which reeks of amateurishness.

SEO Factors

Your website design features might be really attractive – but it is the web content, which actually can drive up your rank on the Google SERP. Some SEO considerations you should pay attention to while developing content are:

  • Keyword insertion – Research for popular, competitive keywords that need to be targeted via your website. Include the same in a judicious manner in the textual web content. Stay away from putting in the keyword(s) too many times in a piece of content, which is considered to be ‘spamming’.
  • Do not use hidden content or links – Wish to take Google for a ride, by putting in some hidden, keyword-spammed content in the header and/or footer section of your website? If yes, think again! Google is way too smart to fall for such ‘black hat SEO’ tactics. You will probably end up facing serious penalties! Not a pleasant prospect, right?
  • Meta descriptions and image ALT tags – The on-page text content is certainly not all that you need to be careful about, during the content development phase. Prepare the content in the Meta description section of your website with due care too, and include your focus keywords in it. Do not gloss over the importance of using brief content lines in the ALT descriptions of the images you put up on your web pages.

Make sure that the content on your website is updated at regular intervals. That would give a dynamic feel to your business operations, and bolster your search engine rank too. Avail of smart CMS website development services, to manage all the textual, images, videos, infographics and other forms of content on your website. Organize web content well, and make your website more user-friendly.


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2 thoughts on “Points To Consider While Creating Web Content”

  1. Hello,
    Writing an effective web content for your site is definitely important in order to make it more effective and attractive to your visitor’s eye. I like all the SEO factors as well as Qualitative factors that you have mentioned. Truly helpful. Thanks for the share!!

  2. Thanks for all the pointers on how to make a web content. I must stress out a certain point that should be imposed all the time. “Do not plagiarize” – this is very important to me. Don’t just copy the content of others, try to be creative and be more unique. If you were inspired by a certain content and would like to share its ideas give proper credits.

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