Profiting From Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook, over the last few years, has become the number one site for social networking and has many millions of members. With this ever-expanding social networking site finding its reach continually growing, it has become a major source of advertisement for individuals, companies, businesses, media and groups.  With million of users from across the world, it lets people share their likes and dislikes with others and cast influence upon them with their choices.

People like to join fan pages and share their fan pages with others just for fun, but this also helps the page owners to advertise their cause and make money too. Seeing the popularity of Facebook and its wide consumer base, companies now have made it an important source to use to market and advertise their business; people who they could never target are now in their reach and their brand or name is spread all over the world from a single platform.

On the other hand, for Facebook users, it has now become possible to interact directly with their favorite celebrities and brands. When users join, like or dislike a fan page, this fact gets posted on their own wall and their friends and family can see this and follow their link to join the same fan page.  This process can snowball and in a flash a fan page has hundreds of thousands of fans.

Making a fan page is a very simple task.  With very little knowledge of website layout, one can easily make his own fan page.  In many ways, a Facebook fan page is just like one’s own website and offers the liberty to place any type of content including videos, images, banners, links and logos to decorate your page according to your own needs.

Once the page is setup, now comes the phase of advertising it. For this purpose, one can start from his own friend list post on their walls and on friends of friends’ walls.  These are also known as nepotism links.  As soon as a few users become your fans, your user-base will start growing by itself as friends of friends and their friends will also visit and become a fan of your page.

In order to keep your page alive, you have to update with new posts on a regular basis to make sure that your page is current and people can see something new every day on their wall and keep visiting your page.

Most of world’s famous brands, companies, organizations, media groups, TV channels, celebrities and individuals now have their own fan pages and have millions of fans who visit their pages. This has helped them not only advertise their business but turn this advertisement into actual sales.

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