Real SEO Tips For The Newbie Bloggers Who Just Started Their Blog

If you are a new blogger and just started your blog and do not know much about SEO but, while going through the internet page, you always see that SEO is very important to make your blog a successful one in search results, then this post is for you. This happened to me as well when I started my blog first. I was searching in the web how to get higher page rank in the web and how to get a lot of organic traffic in the web. The ultimate result that I was getting was: you must optimize your blog. At that time I was not known of SEO. Later I got to know that SEO means search engine optimization. Which means that you need to write you post and play with the words in such a way through which search engines can choose your post easily and your post shows at first when someone search with the related words.

SEO provides you a lot of unique visitors from Google and other search engine as this is the most natural way to get visitor from the web. If you are not doing it in your blog then you must need to do it right now. Below provide some basic SEO tips which will help the beginner bloggers a bit of relief and I believe that they will get some quality visitors from the search engines.

SEO Tips for the Newbie Bloggers:

Write your post in an SEO friendly way:

While writing your post you must need to keep some points in your mind:

  • At first you need to select one keyword on which you are going to make the post. To select a keyword which matches with your blog topic you can search in Google Keyword Tool, which is very helpful. In Google keyword tool you can search for the word to get the most searched word. Then make that word as you keyword on which you are going to make the post.
  • Then you need to put that keyword in your post title: that will be very helpful for the search engines to find that keyword in your post. But please remember not to make your post tile more than 60 characters.
  • Secondly you need to make a heading for your post, where you should place your keyword to increase its strength. If you are blogging in WordPress you will be able to set the heading, choosing h1 or h2 instead of paragraph.
  • Then write your article naturally and try to use the keyword 2 or 3 times but not more than that to make it decent. Always keep in mind that not to use your keyword in such a way the reader can understand that you are stuffing the keyword unnecessarily.
  • Another important thing you should keep in mind is that you may need to use one or two images related to your post. Images speak for a thousand words. You also need to optimize your images. In WordPress while uploading a image you will have the opportunity of naming your image, giving it an alt tag and a title tag. Be very technical while providing the image name. Use underscore (_) in between your image title words. For example, if your image name is “Seo for beginners”, then just make it “Seo_for_beginners”. Search engines do not have eyes to see your images. So, the only thing they recognize is your image taqgs (alt and title). So, be smart and name your images. Sometimes people only read your post because of your image. They search for an image and when they like it, sometimes they also read the post.
  • The last thing is to use some tags for the article when it is finished. Use related words and the keyword to select as your tag. If you are writing a post about “Mobile” then do not use your tag as “Steve Jobs”. Just joking!
  • Last but not the least, share your post in StumbleUpon, Twitter and your Facebook fan page. If you do not have any Facebook fan page create one today.  It will provide you a branding for your blog.

I think the tips above will be helpful for the newbie bloggers because they do not have a lot of experience of SEO. I’ll be very happy if my tips help any newbie blogger.


About the guest author:The author of this post is Himadri Subrah Saha, who is running a blog named Tech N Techie. Tech N Techie is about blogging tips, online money earing tips, technology news and technology related tips & tricks.

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