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Optimizing your sites help you rank them well in search engines. But did you know that you might have to optimize your sites in accordance with the search engine you are working for? You might have been used to the typical Google SEO, as the masters of SEO would have instructed you? But how about Bing, MSN, Yahoo and other popular search engines? Remember, these search engines are catching up with Google thick and fast.

Here is a guide to learning your SEO for Yahoo’s search engine.

Yahoo is one of the most popular search engine sites with an enormous network of websites. Its algorithm is attributed to Inktomi that Yahoo bought in 2002. This algorithm differs from Google and other search engine in a big way. By paying attention to these details or specific issues optimizing can be done effectively.

Factors effecting Yahoo SEO

In order to optimize and rank highly in Yahoo, there are certain areas one needs to address. The areas one needs to address are as follows :

  • The Keyword density
  • The structure of your site
  • The role of Backlink
  • Aging of the site

1)      Keyword Density

Though this is not a unique factor, it still differs with the kind of keyword density limits for Google and the keyword density limits for Yahoo. Although there are no defined percentages of keyword density with regards to the number of words you use, you can determine the best keyword density by studying your competitors. This will help you to determine the best keyword density with your website and area in view. Optimal densities are no more a determined, one-size call or calculation. The nature of your website and the industry will determine the optimal density of your keywords.

Moreover optimal keyword densities differ periodically and thus you will have to study them on a regular basis to ensure that you are within the optimal level. Tools like Total Optimizer Pro can determine the optimal level of your keyword density in the specific time set by you.

2)      The structure of your site

Yahoo is the strictest of search engines when it comes to the structure of your website. While having a website with the right structure is good for a number of reasons, Yahoo is one search engine that will reward you richly for your efforts. Google and MSN on the other hand paid fewer dividends for restructuring websites in the right manner.

The structure of your site is important for two major reasons. First of all, the structure instructs the order in which a search engine has to check your page contents. You can determine which contents have o be given the highest priority. Contents that are present higher up in the code are prioritized more than contents that are present below them. A well-structured website will be lower in code thanks to the use of CSS, reduced use of table etc. Reduction in code will further push the contents higher up in page ranking of a search engine, giving it more attention.

3)      The Role of Backlinks

As in the case of Google and other popular search engines backlinks play a big role in ranking you sites well. Boasting a solid set of backlinks from relevant sites by using decent anchor text is a great practice when you want to rank well in Yahoo’s search engines. Yahoo is very similar to Google when it comes to counting the backlink numbers. Mentioned below are few aspects with regards to backlinks that ought to be taken into consideration for optimizing sites in Yahoo.

  1. The quality of the site for which you are linking
  2. The position of your links (positioning them naturally)
  3. Anchor text and their relevancy to the content
  4. Non-reciprocal links or one way links via directories listings

Most of these factors are very similar to what you see in the algorithm of Google. After all, these algorithms are used in increase the value, meaning and genuine value of websites.

4)        The aging of a site

New websites and links are never going to get the same priority as sites that have existed for long periods. Yahoo’s site aging standards have been set strictly over the last couple of years, however they are not as strict as the ones imposed by Google. Even if you have everything in order, new websites can find it very challenging to rank competitively before six months from the time it is created. What adds more difficulty to this is the delay in analyzing the value of links. Naturally no new site will have links and links that appear later will take some time before its full weight is recognized.

Yet, things are easier in Yahoo than you would find in Google.

As other search engines are pulling up their socks, it is important to consider them rather than sticking to Google all the time. The above points will help you rank well in the Yahoo search engine.


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  1. Thank you for your analysis on yahoo SEO. most SEO focus on google, some business websites make SEO on different search engines.A B2B website is good example on this aspect.

  2. I probably agree with Cassie00, moostly business owner only focuses on SEO Google market because they may think that Google Search Engine was the most dominant Search engine among others. But it more effective that the site would be advertise with different Search Engine specially yahoo and many others. And with this post, it would help business to grow more fast. Thanks for the information.

  3. Yes we all seem to forget that Google is not the only search engine out there so its wise to optimize your site to include the likes of Yahoo, Bing and MSN

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