Search Engine Optimization Ranking Factors in 2017

The Top 2017 SEO Ranking Factors To Consider

One of the few constants with online marketing is the fact that the search engine algorithms will continue to change. They are constantly shifting, making sure that people are not able to use a system to achieve top rankings. Search engine algorithms are developed and modified every year. That is why certain strategies that worked a few years ago, or even a few months ago, may not work as well as they did. Modifications must constantly be made to SEO marketing strategies. Here are the top 2017 SEO SERP’s factors that you need to consider if you want to achieve, or maintain, top positions on the search engine listings.

How the Algorithms Have Changed

As most search engine marketers know, especially with Google, constant algorithm changes are happening. They may detect that certain individuals or companies are utilizing a certain strategy, and to prevent them from ranking websites to easily, they will subvert their attempts by changing the algorithm. However, Google is not able to simply eliminate their ability to rank. They can only make it much harder to do. There are three modifications to existing strategies for 2017 that you need to implement if you want to achieve and maintain top positions. These strategies include using video marketing in a slightly different way, and also modifying the way that you build links on social media websites. Finally, you will also need to modify the interlinking process of the posts and pages that you have on your site to cater to changes that have been made in the algorithms.

The Power Of Video Marketing

Marketing your business with videos has been very successful for many years. In fact, many people will primarily use videos to market their products. Videos, especially YouTube videos, are very easy to rank. Once you have achieved top positions, you can also maintain those positions with just a few backlinks. In 2017, it’s more important than ever before to create your own videos and embed those videos on your website. For each keyword that you are targeting, it is so important to add these videos to each page which is targeting a specific keyword because it will help each of those pages rank higher. This strategy has existed for many years, but the primary change is in the content of your video description. It needs to be completely different from the content on your website like pages: . By doing so, you can dramatically improve your overall rankings.

Using Social Media To Rank Your Webpages

Many people have been using social media websites like Facebook and Twitter in order to achieve top positions on the web. Google, in particular, is always searching social media sites trying to find what content people are referencing. This is another strategy that has been used for a couple of years, but there has been a change to this strategy for 2017. The primary change is that Google is looking for not only videos that people share, but links that are pointing to quality content. It’s not enough to simply have hundreds of people share your link, having the hyperlinked point back to your targeted page. That page must have exceptional content. By doing so, you can virtually guarantee that your efforts to build backlinks via social media platforms will help you rank even higher.

Interlinking The Pages On Your Website

Finally, you need to interlink all of your related content on your website. This is a strategy that will make it easier for the search engine spiders to index the content you are posting. When this strategy initially began, it was enough to interconnect pages that had the same keywords in the title. Last year, it was recommended that you only interlink posts that were in the same categories, regardless of the title of the articles posted. In 2017, there is an emphasis on not only ranking category similar content, but content that also has similar tags. When posting your content, make sure that you are adding not only the main keyword, but for additional related keywords in the tags. This will seem more natural to the search engine algorithms, and will also make it possible for you to link posts that are not category specific.

By implementing these three techniques when trying to rank your pages on the search engines, you should see a dramatic change in how quickly your pages will show up on the search engine listings. Additionally, if you are using these strategies to maintain the position of certain posts that are already ranking, you will see that they will last longer at top positions than ever before. For more check Foreprime SEO. Use these simple SEO strategies in 2017 if you would like to see top rankings and also listings that will last for many months once they are ranked by the search engine algorithms.

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