SEO Tactics to Focus in the New Year

SEO work must be constant in order to properly benefit your business, and it is always evolving. While the overall goal will always be to build the authority of your websites and dominate searches for certain keywords, Google continues to update in ways that makes that job more and more difficult. The secret remains proper prioritization, and determining the right balance of social media marketing, search authority and conversion of traffic. There are always plenty of elements vying for your attention, so consider some of these SEO tactics that should demand your focus and attention in the new year.

The one task that always must top your list is optimizing your pages based on the best practices of SEO. Check out Google’s starter guide for search engine optimization, which you can download for free online. Each chapter in that guide will walk you through the most important features, and proper SEO will take each and every one into consideration. Start off by making sure your page titles are both accurate and unique, and that you’ve got the right description tags in place. But also take the time to check out the structure of your URL and your site overall, to make sure you are building upon a solid foundation. Google’s guide will help you look at form and function for SEO best practices, and the more time you spend on each section, the better results you will post in conversions and site rankings.

Social media continues to increase in reach and importance, meaning any SEO strategy for 2013 must include a quality plan for dealing with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the other sites that are important for your business. People now make browsing and purchasing decisions based on peer review through the social media sites more than for almost any other reason. In addition, you want your customers posting positive reviews about you as well. The more times your brand is mentioned or recommended online, the better your traffic will be. This is just as important as keyword dominance, so keep the requirements of a strong social media presence on your mind.

The fastest growing segment of technology today is mobile hardware and software. That means you must take mobile apps and pages under consideration. All sites you work on should be optimized for the mobile space. Chances are your sites will be viewed far more frequently on a tablet or smartphone than on a laptop or desktop computer. So if you aren’t focused on this market you are missing out. It also goes much further than simply designing your pages to resize based on various screens. All of your calls to action should include location specific references, which means GPS integration. Don’t forget to bring social network sharing into play, as well as one-click options for calling or joining mailing lists.

The next major focal point follows mobile platforming closely, and that is building out local pages on your sites. The more data on your site that describes it as a local business, the better your search results will be. Remember that most people searching on mobile devices are looking for proximity to particular businesses. So you’ve got to include things such as logos, images, descriptions, operating hours and maps that will help those nearby discover your business through searches. Remember, search engine optimisation is not an exact science, but the amount of work you put into it will directly equate to results. That means all of those man hours are a clear and definable investment, which will serve you well in the new year.


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