SEO Tips about Google’s Panda Algorithm Update

There has been lots of talk on the Google Algorithm update. True enough; the change on the Google rankings has affected lots of websites and businesses. It’s common for online businesses to argue that their once number one spot in search engine rankings were toppled in an instant. The upside of the story is that there were minimal numbers of banned sites. So, the affected ones still have chances of recovering.

With all that’s going on the Google Panda system, any online business owner who relies on SEO rankings would be alarmed. The situation might not be that green but there are still ways to get around the seemingly stricter rules of the giant search engine company. Look at these SEO tips that might help.

• Make your website trustworthy to the eyes of everyone.
One of the complaints that Google cited is that their users find unreliable sites in search engine results. What Google did was to ask human testers to assess sites. This gave the company a certain set of parameters in evaluating each site based on the search query users type in.

How trustworthy your site can be depends on your business. Users need to be comfortable enough to provide their credit card details and other personal information because they know your site is secure. Having a verifiable address and contact number also helps.

• Do not overload on ads.
One of the best SEO tips you can get in the new Google Panda system is to lessen your ads. These income-generation opportunities can be too much of a hindrance. Google wants to see that you’re generating authoritative content. Its new algorithm puts a low score on content scrapers who prioritize the ads more. This lets the search engine cross out sites that live just for the ad revenues.

• Get quality content.
The new Google Algorithm update underscores the importance of authoritative content. It has been common practice to paraphrase content and articles or spin them just for SEO purposes. This would not work anymore as Google wants to keep websites who don’t have credible write-ups at the far-end of their rankings. Getting a good writer and doing your own research on the topic would now be worthier.

• Serve a purpose.
No new SEO tips would work well with the new algorithm if you don’t define what your website is for. If it is for selling your stuff, you need to prove that you’re a legitimate business. As such, you also have to check the previous tips. Find that these sets of advices are interconnected. This is how the new Google Algorithm update system works.

No one knows when Google would lift such procedures or if it will stop following such a system. The bottom line is that you need to adjust to it so your business could stay afloat. After all, all that Google seems to require is legitimacy and authority. Prove to them that your business deserves to be on top of their results page.