SEO Tips To Help You Crack YouTube Algorithm

5 SEO Tips To Help You Rank On YouTube


Congratulations on creating your YouTube video. The fun and creative part is over. You need to find ways to attract viewers and rank very high on the site. Keep in mind that after Google, YouTube is the second search engine. Therefore, it’s a very effective platform for distributing your video. Here are 5 useful tips to help you get a high ranking on YouTube.

1. Descriptive Keywords

What are the search queries that most people use on YouTube? If you know these search queries, then you can assign them to your video and lots of people can find it very fast. Of course, the same search queries come handy in Google. If a user types a specific keyword on Google and goes to the videos search option, the best videos on YouTube and other places on the internet linked to the same keyword will pop up.

Don’t forget to look at what other people with similar videos are doing and follow suit. You can also use keyword tools to find the best-ranked keywords and link them to your video. Of course, you need to choose keywords that are similar to your video content. That way, you can count on having a relevant and keyword linked video on YouTube with a high ranking.

2. Creative Title

One of the most important elements considered when ranking YouTube videos includes the title. Once you have picked the best and most relevant keywords, you can use the same to find a good title. Of course, the title should start with one of the keywords for the best results.
Keep in mind that the best YouTube video titles have a length of 60 to 70 characters. Check this on-site SEO checklist. Basically, they should be easy to read or click through depending on the users’ preferences. To create more relevancy, you should use the same keywords to name your video before any uploading is done. Viewers don’t have the time to read long titles so a short and snappy one should attract their attention very fast leading to a high ranking on the site.

3. Snappy Description

In the description field, you can let your imagination run wild because you have so much room to type anything you want. Well, there are two rules you should follow for the best results. First, display the main message of the video and always include the keywords for a better ranking. Secondly, you should type your site’s URL and make sure to make it an active link.

There is always the room to click on more information in the description field but most viewers will not do it. Therefore, avoid adding lengthy stories about your video. If possible, summarize everything you have to say in about 2 or 3 sentences. Don’t forget to add tags that are related to your keywords and video topic.

4. Transcription And Annotation

Well, if you are a perfectionist, then you should know that it takes time. If possible, you can transcribe your video and add the transcribed copy in the specified box. That way, viewers can read the content of the video without necessarily having to play it.

You should also consider having annotations. These are useful because they can direct viewers to another video or site. Of course, these tools only work if they are used the right way. Therefore, they should be carefully placed. If not, viewers will find them annoying and avoid your video altogether.

5. Linguistic And Geographic Relevance

mapUnderstanding the preferences of your viewers goes a long way into being relevant geographically and linguistically. Note that, any thumbnails extracted from your video should be related and also descriptive of the entire video. If you’re targeting your video to a specific audience, then the geographic and language settings should meet the same preferences. It would be a huge shame if the relevant audience was locked out from viewing your videos just because you used the wrong geographic settings.

Finally, you should understand the importance of a high ranking on YouTube. Currently, there are various shows and online sites that make lists of the most popular videos on YouTube. Therefore, it’s a good way to get more traffic besides that coming from search engine results. With these amazing tips, you should be at the top soon enough.

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