SEO Tips to Start a Strong Link Building Campaign

Link building is a golden rule of SEO as search engine optimization depends a great deal on the quality of inbound links. Though a link building campaign is long and arduous you will appreciate the efforts as after sometime it may become difficult to obtain quality links in competitive markets such as personal finance. It is very important to build links to a website as it helps to optimize the site for search engines like Google and Yahoo. In SEO the back links are considered to be the heart of any SEO campaign. But before you embark on a link building campaign, you must keep the following tips in mind.

1) Business directories

There are many reputed online business directories like manta and merchantcircle. However, manta is only helpful when your business is based in the US. But the merchandise is available for businesses located anywhere in the world. So the onus lies on your to choose a business directory that will serve your business purpose and needs. But whatever site you choose the key elements to consider would be reputation and traffic.

2) Blogging

Blogging is a great way to boost your rankings in search engines. You just cannot build a strong linking campaign without effective blogging. There are three major sources of blogging namely WordPress, blogspot and tumblr. The content of your blog must be unique and keyword oriented. Needless to say blogging is one of the major ways of building links and optimizing keywords.

3) Article submission

This is another great tip for SEO link building. There are particularly two websites which are considered mecca for link building namely www. and However, before you submit any article you must be aware of the guidelines of the website. When you are writing for, you cannot include a URL in your post but there is a resource box which is useful for link building. The article should be written for the people and must not be solely advertorial in nature. If the content is a bit unnatural, then it will get rejected right away.

4) Directory submission

Dmoz is considered as the best directory on the web. Before you send your URL for review you must make sure that the website has real quality and is properly optimized. Once rejected, you might find it difficult to get an approval later on. So make sure you follow all guidelines before submitting a URL.

5) Social networking

When it comes to website promotion, social networking has the biggest impact. Today you just cannot ignore popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Don’t just create profiles blindly, make sure these are well-organized and have all the necessary information. You should remember that business pages are more important than individual pages. A business page with only thousand followers has more search results than an individual page that has more than a million followers. Google Plus is now fast emerging as the preferred social networking site for a strong link building campaign.

The above tips are industry tested for a strong start to a link building campaign. It is a time consuming task and you should not lose hope if you are not able to get immediate results.


About the guest author: Alia is a blogger by profession. These days she is working with SEO Manchester Company and can be found contributing regularly on SEO topics on different forums.

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  1. I agree with the points you raised here. Link building and engaging in social media are very important in expanding online presence. Thank you for these tips and the best of luck to you!

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