SEO Trends for 2011

What will be the trends for SEO in 2011? The year 2010 is over and 2011 heralds yet unknown trends in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), without which it’s not possible for any website to pass the fitness test. The growing popularity of social networking sites has given the SEO domain a tremendous boost to SEO, thereby enhancing search technology as an offshoot. Here are some of the SEO trends that you can look forward to in 2011.

Ensuring Social Media Optimization (SMO)
First there was Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and on its heels follows Social Media Optimization (SMO). People are getting more familiar with this term each day, owing to the tremendous popularity of social networking sites worldwide. Today, it is imperative that webmasters consider Social Media Optimization as part of their normal SEO efforts, to boost the SEO prospects of the sites they design. Webmasters will have to focus on Social Media Optimization activities such as including back links from social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube and so on. Apart from this, the site owners must develop credible profiles on these social media sites and target towards real time searching. SEO prospects will improve in the coming year for those who cast a greater impact on the social networking sites.

Giving More Importance To On-page SEO Activities
Some webmasters depend on optimizing off webpage activities than on page activities. However, the 2011 SEO trends indicate that equal importance must be given to both off and on page optimizations. The speed at which a website loads is of great importance, and will be the ultimate test for the success of the site. Google and other search engines have decided to penalize sites that take a longer time to load. Using Meta tags improperly while coding websites will affect search engines negatively in 2011.

Increased Web Usage On Smartphones
Over 90 million people surf the internet through their mobiles and this number will increase in 2011. Websites must be optimized for mobile keyword tool in Adwords and Google’s Mobile Search Services. Google recently stated that it would give precedence to mobile searches over desktop searches, which makes it imperative to invest more towards mobile SEO in 2011.

Increased Emphasis on Local Search
Google indicates that local search will be given more importance and certain keywords already display local and normal search. Businesses will be able to better optimize a location if you have a Google Places listing in that area. While this indicates good tidings for local businesses, international businesses that don’t have local office will be hampered. It’ll do well for all businesses to claim their Google Places listing. It’s also necessary to get your website listed in all local web directories.

Increased Value For Context Links
Most websites display some links that are in context with the page content and some that aren’t. In 2011, links that are in context to the page content will see more value. The best way is to build links with websites that are in a similar field.

Rise of Other Major Search Engines
Google has dominated the search engine domain for over 10 years. It is expected that Microsoft and Yahoo will try to steal some of Google’s current traffic, and progress from their current 5% to 10% of total web search traffic. It’s possible that 2011 will see search engines other than Google taking up at least 20% of search traffic. In recent times, Google’s search results have become a little irrelevant, which leads to the possible speculation that users will start looking for other search engine options soon. If Yahoo and Bing want to grab more of the search market, they will have to work out partnerships with browsers and content providers.

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