SEO Trends: Top On-Site Factors for 2012 and 2013

Since Google is the number one search engine worldwide many businesses set up their websites but didn’t have any idea how much it could have changed through the years now and how hard it might be to come up on the first page. Now it is like a battlefield, ranking on the top on the SERP is a real challenge.

There are a lot of important factors talking about SEO that boost site ranking and they are changing as the time goes because of the Google’s algorithm changes. And I should say that with this, changes of any kind happen on a web page, everything from quality link building, to optimizing the pages in order to rank better on Google. We faced many changes, especially from the Google Zoo (Panda, Penguin), so the optimizing itself changes. It is a lifelong changing process for both parties. That’s why if you don’t want your efforts to have no result you should provide the necessary on-site optimization.

Here I will make a review of the most important factors for the on-site elements we should focus on and some best practices during 2012.

Somebody may say that keywords in the titles don’t matter; many researches claim that this one might be talking about another era for SEO. Tittle tag usage or page tittle continues to be a strong on-site factor and   they matter a lot. The design of your website and page layout can be very beneficial for you as well. It will build your brand and you will look more trustworthy, etc.  Let’s not forget the content of your website, there should not be any duplicate one! The body content should be of as much higher quality as it is possible, so focus on the content and cut the low quality one. If needed hire a freelance editor to do that job for you, I think it is worth investing in it. And another very important issue – you need a real authorship marked content, not a spinned one by any tool, because it adds extra confidence and make sure you have fresh content. It is very important especially now in the end of 2012 when everybody is talking about AuthorRank as a new ranking feature in the SERP. I’ve seen amazing turns related to traffic because of this “freshness” piece combined with its depth talking about content. Jon Cooper, an owner of Point Blank SEO, has an observation on a couple of his niche sites where all the articles are 800+ words and he claims it is working. This is the way to separate your website from another suspicious quality sources.

Optimized user experience is your guarantee to rank better in the SERP! High quality content doesn’t mean that there should be a lot of content, the amount in most of the cases doesn’t mean quality. Make sure you have even fewer but quality relevant to the content pages on your site and pay attention to the keyword targeting. Each user should be finding the perfect match for a query otherwise you will be just skipped. To have good Reachability, another new future ranking factor released this year, make sure your page links out to sources like social networks, Wikipedia, etc. as well as the linking anchor text should be also relevant, since the in-content links are vital for the ranking of your website. Clear structuring and extra stuff removal will provide the chance to the users to operate faster and easier with your website. Your site should not look spammy and analyze how the visitor navigates it. You can find online very useful articles about the best ways to implement authorship including different methods and have a look at the author stats in Google Webmaster Tools.  So, yes, Google likes structured data and real content.

Last but not least vital factor are becoming the social signals. The most you are shared or “liked” the better for you. So those are a must to integrate into your on-site SEO. Include a “like” button, “tweet” button and any kind of social buttons or link to your business page on Facebook. If you don’t have one and don’t want to invest money in it, you can use the service of which is free of charge.

In conclusion I’d say that top important things for the best SEO results may vary depending on the nature of your site. It is because different websites differ in technical SEO issues from the internal links’ architecture, content issues to poorly optimized tittle tags, etc. Although Google is changing its “mood” so often you can always find the way that would lead you to the top!


About the guest author: Veselina enjoys reading and learning the latest news and top trends about the SEO techniques. She also likes to share knowledge on her SEO blog.

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