SEO: What To Do When Your Clients Industry is Boring

Doing SEO work can be a lot of fun when you’re working with the right client.

But what do you do when you get a client whose industry is very dry and just plain boring?

You have to get creative. You still have to do your job and make sure your keywords are effective, but you’re going to have think outside of the box in order to get traffic to your client’s site or blog.

After all, nobody wants to read dry, uninteresting text about technical things like minor advancements in computer chips or upgrades to a company’s bulldozer.

You’ll still be able to create content that is interesting to the average reader though, while mentioning or discussing your client at the same time if you remember these important facts.

The Importance of Keyword Research

When you’re working in SEO, keyword research is essential but, if you’re working for a company that makes a product or offers a service that you know isn’t going to be searched for by average consumers on a regular basis, you’ll have to find keywords that people will search for that also relate to your client.

Brainstorming keywords on your own with a pad of paper and a pen or in a blank document on your computer is all well and good, you may come up with some interesting ideas, but it just isn’t enough.

Using the term “bulldozer” for example, you may be able to come up with a keyword that’s much more interesting than something like “new bulldozers” or “best bulldozer.”

Keyword research programs can help you to further that brainstorming, especially when it comes to topics that you aren’t particularly familiar with or you simply don’t know how average consumers find information about the product or client you’re working for.

A keyword research program will allow you to plug in a keyword that you might want to use and searches to see how often people do searches for the term you entered and how it ranks on major search engines.

Some programs also show you what type of media people are looking for that search the keywords you’re interested in.

One of the best aspects of doing keyword research through a tool like this, is that it will give you results for keywords that are similar. So if the term you plugged in is “bulldozer” it will include all the searches done including that term.

That is going to open up your ability to come up with ideas for articles because you know what people are searching for.

Finding a good program like this that will help you do keyword research is going to be essential to getting your client to rank since they are not part of an industry that typically sparks natural interest.

Forget Direct Promotion

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Promoting some clients directly can be very simple.

A company that makes beauty products for example is easy because there is no end in sight to the amount of beauty blogs, and the beauty industry has a large following – the majority of women on the planet.

However, with companies that offer a product or service that most average consumers don’t have an interest in, you may need to forget about direct promotion and just create interesting content somewhat related to your client’s product or service.

Using the bulldozer example again, writing an article about the construction of the new World Trade Center will likely generate more traffic than an article about the most recent technological advancement in bulldozers.

While it is still an option to generate content that is industry specific, to get the clicks you are going to want to appeal to a broader audience.

Be Funny, Be Provocative

When you’re working with a company that makes a product or sells a service that just isn’t that interesting, it’s your responsibility to make the product exciting for the average consumer.

Humor is an excellent way of getting people interested in a product or service they might not otherwise care about.

Making a funny video, slideshow or simply coming up with a funny title related to the product or service can be helpful.

Provocative titles and content will help attract attention.

You want to create an article or video that people want to click on – just to see what it is.

Of course, your content shouldn’t be offensive or derisive — just something that could make people think.

The Takeaway

When your client works in a boring industry you just want to remember these key things that will help you to get their ranking to soar.

1     Do the [Keyword] Research

2     Take Time to Brainstorm

3     Be Indirect

4     Think Out of the Box


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    Indeed. Because when”boring niche” and “white hat” goes together, it’s a big ouch. And to tell you people honestly, I am not compelled to read an article or a blog that has something to do with new technology especially when the terms are really forgettable.
    By the way, my niche is not boring, lol, try to check online marketing vancouver.

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