SEO With Value: Why Optimized Content is Not Enough!

You spend hours optimizing your blog post for those sweet sweet keywords you found in the Google keyword tool. You may ask yourself some questions like:

Did I mention my keyword/phrase in my page title?

What about my image alt tags and the url?

Does my meta title and description have some emotional or witty phrase to entice more clicks?

These questions and more are the nuts and bolts of any great on page optimization for practical SEO. Checking all of these off the list might shoot your straight to the first page, and maybe even the top three!

You are getting hundreds, maybe even thousands of clicks a day for your recent content. That’s great right?

Well what is your bounce rate?

How many comments are you getting?

What about your social shares or just link shares in general?

These questions are great indicators of valuable (and not so valuable) content.

Well Okay, So What is “Valuable Content”

If you are ashamed to share your 90% bounce rate, one spam comment, and no Facebook shares on your blog post from a couple months back, you might need to add some value to that content of yours! Well what exactly is valuable content?

Valuable content is:

  • Helpful – It makes a difference, it answers a genuine question.
  • < rel="nofollow"href="" target="_blank">Entertaining – Provokes a reaction. Smile, laugh, or think – people respond to it and want to share it.
  • Authentic – Genuine and original.
  • < rel="nofollow"href="" target="_blank">Relevant–  It is rooted firmly in the reader’s world, it makes perfect sense.
  • Timely – it is sent out at the right time, it hits the audience when they are most receptive.

Quite simply, valuable is content is content that you are writing yourself and sharing as an expert in the topic you are discussing that answers a question or concern. This content is relevant, authentic and original while adding a bit of spice to your words and a bit of emotion to your thoughts.

Still unsure about what valuable content is? Well write these on the chalkboard a hundred times!

Valuable content IS NOT snippets of information that you Googled across the web and spun the words around a bit to change the content to appear to be an authority on a subject.

Valuable content IS NOT dry and boring content that does not answer a question or provide original and intuitive thoughts.

Valuable content IS NOT a “Top Ten List”

Valuable content IS NOT a funny picture you found on the web (Unless it is kittens)

Valuable content IS NOT a summary of someone else’s original and insight blog post.

I Think I Feel What Your Preaching, But What Are Some Examples of Valuable Content?

Glad you asked! Writing valuable content is easier than you think! Let me give you an example from my experience. In fact this is the moment I realized that I need to start writing about valuable content and worrying less about what keywords I am optimizing for.

Last year I was looking to increase traffic to my blog so I wrote about what anyone looking to increase their traffic. I wrote about the iPhone 5!

You see I found this nice little gem of a keyword, “Is The Iphone5 Worth It?”. This workhorse of a keyword had 40,000 searches a month alone, and nobody was using it!

So I wrote an article about the iPhone 5, and man was it crap! I Googled some reviews for information and combined it all together and called it my own. I cleverly placed my keyword and the article made it to #1 in Google in no time, and the traffic was pouring in. And so was the high bounce rate!

The comments, however, were not rolling in.

I thought it was a huge success at the time, but looking back, no one shared it. No one commented on it. Hell, I don’t even think anyone read it.

This content was crap (and I knew it)!

Now let me tell you about an article I did write and I am not embarrassed to say it! I wrote an article back last summer about HTML5 Video Backgrounds. Turned out, I came up with lightweight and easy to use CSS that gives a great Video Background for a website. No one was talking about it, so I decided to share it.

People loved it! I get quite a few comments on it, and people are sharing it! It does not get me a ton of traffic, but the readers are finding the answer they are looking for, and they are grateful for it! These happy readers actually check out my website instead of hitting the back button. All is well!

Turns out this article made it to the top three on Google for searches like “HTML5 Video Background” and I didn’t even have to try. Better yet I am the cool guy helping cool people like yourself build an awesome video background website.

That’s cool! That makes me happy! That makes my readers happy!

These readers are giving me those sweet backlinks and social shares!

Im Convinced! Valuable Content is the Way to Go!

I’m glad you feel that way! Writing awesome content that solves the world’s problems is awesome. It’s cool. You are like a super hero on the internet and that will make you happy! It will make your readers happy! It will make me happy!

As Google gets better and better figuring out what a page on a website is about, they will get better and better at weeding out the crap. Do yourself a favor and start writing content with the future in mind. Content your Mom would be proud of and your readers will share!

Keep calm and write with value!


About the guest author: Tim Carpenter is a Web Designer by day and an awesome SEO by night. He specializes in helping other small business get online, get found, and look great doing it. His company, Kesil Consulting, specializes in Cincinnati SEO services. You can also connect with Tim via Google+.

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