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There are various strategies to optimize your website to get noticed. Usually, a combination of two or several different strategies is followed to optimize websites. However, it is often difficult to keep the juggling in motion. This is the time you need to stop awhile to rethink and reconsider your strategies. A good way to optimize your website is sharing documents. It seems to be a simple thing but the benefits you can gain are huge compared to link building and article submission. There are millions who visit document sharing websites to find information and if you are present where they are, you can be very sure that you will be noticed and bring some traffic to your website. Moreover, people visiting such sites are seriously looking for information unlike casual surfers, so what you present in your documents will be seen by the right eyes and reach the right hands.

How can you benefit by document sharing?


One of the ways in which document sharing helps you get noticed is by attracting crawlers. When you provide the link to your documents in document sharing websites, you can gain more points for the reputation the sites have and also for the content you’ve provided in the documents. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. When your page rank increases due to this, you can easily get noticed and gain traffic.

Gain Trust:

Another benefit you can enjoy by sharing documents is gaining the trust of potential customers. When they read your documents, it instills in them a sense of trust because they get access to valuable information. Therefore, they will be more convinced to visit your website and engage in a transaction with you.

From Traffic to Transaction:

The high traffic a website has doesn’t always mean that it has resulted in transactions with the business. However, if the traffic comes from document sharing sites, there are high chances of the traffic entering into transactions with the business. Moreover, visitors to such sites don’t go there accidentally but deliberately with a serious objective. This very fact makes your presence in document sharing websites necessary.

Building Links:

Link building has been found as an effective strategy to gain traffic but many article submission sites don’t allow direct links to your promotional website. Therefore, the articles you submit might miss the attention of potential customers and it will fail to serve the purpose. However, the documents shared through document sharing sites can hold the fort and make up for the traffic lost due to article submission sites. While article submission sites restrict you from placing back links, document sharing sites allow you to give up to 5 back links to your website. This is yet another reason why you should share documents to optimize your website.

How to make the best use of document sharing sites?

While document sharing is used to optimize your website, it is more important to optimize your documents and the description of the documents to actually benefit from document sharing. Therefore, mine the right keywords to be used in the description and give a crisp description with rich keywords to gain good traffic.

Document sharing is one of the best and essential ways using which you can best optimize your website and generate traffic. Give the documents that have been sleeping over years some work and you can learn how good they are at adding value to your website.


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