Sleeping with the Enemy – Is it Google I am Talking About?

If you observe closely, Google is both an enemy and a friend. On the one hand, Google has got rid of pirates and black hatters. On other hand it has eliminated competition. A monopolistic, overbearing and arrogant organization is the last thing we want. But there is no other option than to sleep with the enemy. Here are some unique ideas on how to sleep with Google without being queasy.

Opting for Google AdSense

sleeping with the enemyTo understand how opting for Google AdSense will help you in gaining better search ranking , you must first know how Google guys earn their living.

The primary earnings of Google come from AdSense. This is a program in which website and blog owners display advertisements. Google has designed a unique algorithm by which they can put contextual advertisements on a site. For example if a blog post talks about your travel to Vladivostok, the advertisements will also be related to the city.

Google claims that their contextual ads make better sense and both advertisers and those carrying the ads benefit from the program. From a blog owners perspective, if you join AdSense program you are adding to the Kitty of Google. Obviously you are a valuable client of Google. As a result you are likely to get better exposure on search results. When another blog or website doesn’t carry AdSense ads, it has no value as far as Google is concerned.

You get preference when you join AdSense program

The conclusion from above arguments is that even if you don’t care for the revenue which you might get from carrying ads from AdSense program, you better opt for it. You may not jump to the first position in search results but you will definitely gain from it.

Google makes money from your content

Again, it’s you who earns for Google by providing content on your blog. More the content, more chances of someone clicking on relevant contextual ad and this means more money for Google. Here is the hitch – if someone clicks on a link while searching for a particular keyword and finds specific, cogent and clear content from the link, he is going to use Google search in future. If time and again, the searcher finds irrelevant content, he is going to avoid Google search. This situation would be suicidal for Google. This is the reason why Google puts so much emphasis on relevance.

By providing relevant content, by which I mean content related to keywords, you will be helping Google make money. This would result in you doing well in search ranking.


The first step you must take is to join AdSense program – even if you don’t see any money in it. If visitors to your blog click on AdSense ads, you will benefit in other ways than making money. Simply provide a bit of real estate on your blog for AdSense – it makes sense.

Content is the key. Provide relevant content which relates to your keywords. This strategy will work without fail.


About the guest author:  Sarah lamb is an avid blogger and likes to talk about blogging,  SEO and other related issues. In addition to writing she   is presently promoting   GetSTDtested Review  and TestClear Review , two useful reviews on testing methods.

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping with the Enemy – Is it Google I am Talking About?”

  1. Great article!

    Even though I LOVE Sarah and agree with her about rankings and Google Adsense in most cases, I need to say: I don’t use Adsense and my rankings on Google are excellent.

    Thank you Sarah, it’s a pleasure to have you as a regular contributor!


  2. Wow, I love your article Sarah!

    I totaly agree with you: we need to have Google as a good friend, even though sometimes it may look as an enemy.


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