Social Media as an Integral Part of Blogging Endeavors

Relevant content about an online business is a must when one wants to create an online presence. One venue for such is blogging, and it is considered as one of the most important techniques in promoting an online business. As it is, when a business has his or her website of his or her won, he or she may also have to maintain a blog in which he or she can put important yet interesting content about his or her product or service. It may not be necessarily be the brand itself, but the owner can provide its target audience some interesting how-to’s, tips, news, and other pertinent information about everything related to his or her product or service.

Basically, a blog complements the website well. In that setup, the business may have a chance to land at least on page 1 or 2 of Google or any other search engine. When this happens, web traffic increases, making it possible for the business owner to generate potential profit from its target audience; that is, the potential customer or clients. With consistency in making blog posts or entries containing fresh content about his or her business, the owner would not only engage in interacting with other customers or clients, but also reap the benefits of making profit out of such simple yet effective online marketing tool.

However, blogging is more than just consistently creating blog content for the online readers and target audience. In fact, nowadays, blog sites are being complemented by social media, through the use of the business’s Facebook page, Twitter account, or any other site. As we all know, optimizing the business website for the search engines is strengthened through various strategies, and one of them is the use of social media. This is why social media marketing is one of the fastest growing strategies in online marketing, and currently being used by most business that engages, attracts, and transacts with customers and clients online.

Since Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and all other forms of social networking centers on making friends and interacting with people within the locality and possibly around the world, social media have become more and more patronized by many businesses, big or small. In fact, an owner can integrate them into their company blogs, which is not a bad idea considering that taking advantage of Internet marketing strategies to the fullest has become a norm.

While providing fresh content is a given, integrating the business website’s equivalent Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+ account into the blog would make a lot of difference. Once a blog post is done and posted, the owner or the social media expert can share the post with the use of the said accounts mentioned above. That way, they are able to spread relevant information to those who are more inclined to use social networking sites than blogs.

Indeed, Internet marketing has been even more and more competitive with the continuous popularity of social media. Integrating it with the basic strategies in promoting the website, including blogging, would pay dividends for the business owner in terms of establishing online presence, as well as trying to reach page 1 of Google.


About the guest author: James Pattrick is a writer currently working for SEOP – a company in the industry of Search Engine Optimization. Click here to get to know more about SEOP.

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