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Social Media Marketing vs SEO

Is Social Media Marketing Optimization A Better Advertising Option Than SEO?


Today, more than over before, technology is the easiest way to advertise. If a business doesn’t have a social media presence, they may be missing out on one of the best options for advertising. When compared to SEO, social media can far outweigh the means of advertising.

Here’s How It Works

A business sets up a page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram, Snap Chat, and more. They then share posts of interest on these sites which are in turn, shared by others who have seen the comments or post.

As time progresses, these comments and posts will be spread around the social media network thus advertising the business, free of charge, and forgoing the need for SEO.

If a business chooses to post a message to any of these accounts, they can link things in so that all of the accounts are notified. They can also post a few times a day thus reaching an audience of undetermined numbers by using the social media as their means to advertise.

Consider the gossip circles in a small town. Someone does or says something and pretty soon, the entire town is aware of what they’ve done.

Social media runs on the same premise. Someone shares something and a friend of theirs sees it. That friend wants to tell their other friends so they too share it. Pretty soon, another friend sees it and shares it again thus reaching even more people.

It all started with one basic post or comment. There was no need for carefully calculated SEO. There was no requirement for any advertising dollars. This is all free of charge and it will reach a very large audience.

Even if there is an issue with a client, using this method will help to sort it out. Potential customers or clients can see that the issue is being resolved if the company makes it a point to work the situation out in the comments section.

This is vital to the integrity of the company and to help build up the brand of the company. By being transparent the company can actually build up a stronger clientele and focus on their business more. It will bring in more potential customers and clients if they see that the company is ready and willing to go the extra mile to interact with their customers and to resolve any issues that they may have.


SEO, on the other hand, relies on strategically placed keywords and LSI. If these are out of alignment or off they won’t be drawing in potential customers or clients.

SEO also relies on blog postings, websites and drawing in the search engine crawlers and following the algorithms of the search engines.

If anything is out of alignment the page isn’t going to rank well in the search engines and the potential customers or clients aren’t going to see the pages at all because they’re not showing up in their searches.

By choosing social media over SEO, businesses are taking advantage of a great way to advertise and focusing on what really matters, building their business by word of mouth.

Again, the gossip circles prevail and people are going to hear about these great businesses even though the gossip circle is online and not word of mouth.

As people see tweets and posts they’re going to want to share if they’re considering using the business or if they’ve had a positive experience with the business.

Social media is an ideal way for any business to take advantage of free advertising and spread the word about their great business. Visit me on LinkedIn SEO expert if you like what you see.

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