Social Media: The Jobseeker’s Friend

Social media is the Internet’s favorite buzzword today, and with good reason.  It is changing the way the world does business.  After having turned the marketing world on its head, seemingly overnight, social media has now rewritten the jobseeker’s guidebook.  The days of hunting through classifieds and even online job listings are rapidly coming to an end.  Now, employment candidates must take a more proactive approach—with social media.  In some ways, this makes things harder.  In others, it makes them easier than ever before.  In any case, social media has become the jobseeker’s best ally.

The Universal Basics

Social media is most useful to job hunters as a research tool.  It allows you to quickly and easily learn about companies, what they do, whom they hire, what needs they have, and whether or not their company culture is right for you.  It can also be utilized as a powerful pre-interview research tool.  By learning a bit about the interests and lifestyle of your interviewer, you can gain an important advantage.

No matter what social platforms you’re using, it is important to professionalize your profiles when looking for work.  This means adding a businesslike profile photo, clearing away any embarrassing content, and listing your qualifications and experience in your bio and ‘about me’ sections.


Twitter can be an excellent way to find work, if you are willing to invest the time.  Start by establishing yourself as an industry expert.  Follow anyone you can learn from and network with top professionals in your field.  Post interesting and useful content related to your professional interests to cultivate interest from relevant people.  It helps to make your Twitter name your actual name, so that you are easier to find.  Also, when you hear about job listings, reach out to your Twitter network, find people working for the company, and touch base with them to get more info.


LinkedIn is designed with jobseeking in mind, and is thus a remarkably valuable resource.  Be sure to load your profile with as much relevant information as possible, because it will help recruiters find you in their searches.  Actively seek recommendations from those in your network to validate your skills, and make a concerted effort to connect with people and companies you might be interested in working with.  Also, joining groups is a great way to expand your network and increase visibility.  And don’t overlook your status update ability!  Did you just get downsized?  Don’t be afraid to let the community know.  They are there to help.

At the moment, social media has only just begun to take hold in the jobseeking community.  This means that those who are learning to capitalize on it now have a leg up on the competition and will be better prepared to face the next wave of changes that are certain to sweep the web before long.  Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with people and self-marketing.  If you can learn to use it to your advantage, you certainly wont be on the job market long.


About the guest author: Thanks to our contributor Matt from legalweekjobs for sending us this piece – check them out if you’re interested in a legal position and want to know which firms to follow.

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